Faction Lvl up rewards

Am I the only one who thinks these rewards are poop?


Faction event rewards always suck. Even war for lower factions the reward are bad


Fac events rewards were good, like a year ago, now it’s pure trash


They seem to be truly enamored of these WD tokens for some reason. Look at the Hordes prizes. Top three spots get WD tokens, and 4th gets 10 gold mod boxes. Which would we rather have; 100 sombreros or 10 gold mods?!?

Standard operating procedure

Ain’t it the truth…

I’m in a battle with 4 people all trying hold onto 4th spot it’s actually fun

There was a very very short period of time a month or so before 6*’s came in to play, that they actually gave decent 5* character rewards for faction raid and levelups. Anybody remember that?


Yup. Damn man they should do like old ass ascendables as rewards even if its the worst ones. I’d take them over wd tokens

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Actually these aren’t so bad… compared to solo. Solo winners get 5,000. Here they are giving 30 players 3,300. The problem is the WD event is just miserable. Such a horrible horrible event structure. This better be the last.




Agreed a big pile of Dino doo do🤗

what about the days when we got.chars as.miledtone

think we got.abe.as 1m.or 2m.milestone



Don’t hold your breath Ricky

That actually only happened once, and it was a screw up. But it was blade hand Rick for first. They accidentally gave solo rewards for the faction level up if I remember right.

Aside from that one time, faction tourney rewards have always been trash.

yeah they had green Morgan for those.placed 3 to 7 aswell

was.nuts we just got in at 7th

Not think, I know the rewards are poop.

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I’m not talking about that i’m talking about 2 years ago about a month or two before 6*s came out. I think Samurai Jesus was one of the prizes and Skylar and Blue Connie were 2nd and 3rd place. Then in another event, yellow hospital Rick was one of the prizes. Can’t remember who else

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