Faction lvl up prizes seriously


I just seen the prizes for a faction lvl up and not even a Guaranteed pI’ll for five star tokens for 1st place … come on now scopely quit being stingy with the tokens and give us a decent price and those lower milestones need to put in decent items that we can actually use


3 and 4 star gear 2m for 50 tokens what is this shit


Mate no there not .There not even meh, first is just over half a 5* for first and a few medals with ultra gear. People want more options for medals this is not the answer simply compare the level up for samuri jesus that is the method to please people, this is appaling


People will always complain, but when my faction saw this prize the first thing they did was ask if I’d photoshoped them.
When 95% of your customers are upset with the prizes your offering it’s not us imagining problems or a bias against scopley, it’s a problem with prizes.


They aren’t particularly good prizes, but I can’t help but feel that this forum shoots itself in the foot sometimes. I like most have been refusing to compete in the solo level ups waiting for a faction level up. Scopely know this and they know we have been desperate for this faction level up for a while now (we tell them enough), I am going to level up my team during this tournament as it is in desperate need of it as I have been holding off for so long, it wont be for the rewards as they are pretty insignificant.

However scopely will look at the data that says loads more people level up during a faction even if the prizes are awful, and they will think they are doing something right.


But if they spend 5mins in here they know its not true. Only IUGO developers here and Kalishane, so guess they wont see it.

Our region is dying fast because there is no competition as rewards aint worth spending on.




we waited long time for it and they just kidding us


They knew we were waiting so they figured “why give good prizes when players are this excited to play anyway.”



Lucille tokens are crap, all my pulls have been ultra gear so far. Legendary tokens I still have upwards of 2k of and there aren’t even enough 5* tokens for a pull… makes me wonder why I bother playing anymore.


Come on folks! Don’t you guys understand their hard work? Seriously! We should understand these brain dead people, we are better than them c’mon! :rofl:


Prizes are a joke. This is why people have stopped playing the game so much. I’ve been playing since day one, but I’m just about done with this game


And on top of the prizes the event is back to back with blitz?
No time buffer at all?
So I guess we are stuck with the players we want to kick from the faction after blitz war until Monday…


at least its a short event for such crappy rewards! :roll_eyes:


Whelp heres to another shitty weekend! Thanks scopely your ever dependable. You make these events weekly only reason they suck constantly and feedback isn’t put into effect is because you choose to ignore it not because it takes time :roll_eyes:


Kalishane, is there someone at scopely who realize that rewards are such ridiculous ??? do you don’t realize that all players are angry about that ?
If the point of such rewards is to closed the game, well, it is on a good way, keep going like that…
shame on scopely !!!


We waited like 3 weeks for this sh*t


These rewards are downright insulting, what a slap to the face eh…
My faction wins faction level up hands down every time, but now how are we expected to go for this knowing it’s not even enough tokens for a pull?
Hell a couple of benedicts would have been a way better prize, and or an ascendable 5* for Milestones.
Most players are all for the mirgration to 6*, but having to burn up 8 5* per ascension with the total EXCLUSION of Benney’s is a joke. And with faction Assault coming, aren’t we gonna need a variable roster to compete in this!?
Why oh why do you hate us all Scopely?
I freaking love this game, have spent money and 2 years of my time playing this game… I await the offer with 4,500 5* tokens and a couple benny’s and ascension tokens popping up during event…

Keep on Surviving scopes…
Your days are numbered.


Maybe i’m wrong, but haven’t tournament rewards always been terrible?