Faction LU is live

The milestones are still up to 2M, no increase for the time being.

:thinking: liar :joy::joy:

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You’re special and dedicated. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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It just popped for me a few minutes ago. 5500 5* tokens for #1, a box with gear for 2M.

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SS it mate

I have it too

Revamped point system too. Here come the complaints from people who leveled most of their roster prior to this change.

Not my region.

uhhhhhh, hahah what?

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what regions?

Coweta here.

1:04 PM., where the hell are you from?

United States

Like 3 hours from you.

Popped up here too in Bleckley region. I guess no solo SR. I was hoping we would have it since I’m the verge of level 120.

Damn wtf. I am now less sure that you are joking

The tournament on the schedule and VK leaks were a solo SR tourney, is this a mistake @kalishane

I’d prefer to keep you in suspense.