Faction looking for a new region


Our current region is very active. Too active. Hitting the last milestone in a raid tourney is not enough to secure a position within rank 100. Finishing Legendary in SR is the only way to stay within rank 100. Shane’s the LU reward and yet people are putting up 6 million+ every single time. You catch my drift?

We’re a faction full of mostly F2P and very active players. Before transfers, we were comfortably taking 3rd place every event but now we’re struggling to place 5th because a whole bunch of veteran/ whale factions moved in. Rewards between the 4-10th brackets are not worth fighting for lbr but old habits die hard and we push regardless. However, it feels like we’re working 150% harder for… a crappier outcome.

We’re looking for a region where it will feel like our efforts are being suitably rewarded. We’re not looking to dominate anything lol. 3rd place would be nice though.

The move will happen after this league season is over. Please PM me if you have a nice region in mind that 30 players could possibly populate.



Troup. Can break 100 easy

Was top 50 under 2m in lvl up

No concern of more big factions show up

I lower my defense, and encourage others during raid events/aow to allow players to score.


I was 33 in solo level up with 1.3 million. Troup is wide open. I didn’t even finish elite in the solo road, guess what, top 50


Note I have in the past when in Morgan customized my team for the opponent because I also understand it’s not fun facing a extremely weak team. Always happy to discuss. I even coined last weekend when I lowered my defense during war. I don’t mind. Shitty match up are well… Shitty


Why y’all messing lol


I wouldn’t come henry then you’d struggle for top 5 atm


Decatur needs some whales to go eff it up. Since most of the talent left you’d probably do fine.


Whitfield is a nice place to be. Some high ego people but thats about it


Shhhh, man I’m trying to get you a top faction to piggyback on.


Yeah we have big egos but for a reason, you still suck 10k? If not come over we’ll help u build your team bud




Who said i was talking about you guys? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m looking for a new region to restart playing. Any suggestions?


Not Newberry. I hear it’s dead.


I saw it in the other topic :frowning:
Some realeased recentlly? I stop playing about 2-3months, too Hard to recover The lost time


Lowndes, 5 whale factions moved in battled it out, now only one is left so you would make top 3


No. You stay


Dallas is a fun place. Mostly f2p people and the spenders aren’t crazy. It’s got more activity since transfers even with people leaving


There’s too high level guys also : (


But to start over do you think dallas is a good one?