Faction looking for a new home

We are looking to move our faction to a new region and I’m open to suggestions. What’s your guys position on sharing the weapon crafting areas? Do you share them or have a crafting faction?

Colbert and barrow share them. Colbert also drops defense for raid tourneys and crushes in CRW

No one wants to say anything because we are all afraid you’re a whale faction.


Come to Elmore you would love it there

Yeah, Barrow definitely does not drop defences during raid tourneys :joy::joy:

Then everyone will leave and that whale faction will be alone and cry on the forums and get us a 6v6 war :slight_smile:

I am not afraid because we welcome all factions at Colbert. Plus I’d love to beat up on Purgey again. :wink:

Move back to Bacon. Resurgence flopped and TTT disappeared like a fart in the wind.

Brooks Share everything and drop defense for others

We started in bacon

Tuscaloosa is the place to be