Faction looking for a home


We are the proud #2 faction in Dougherty. We’ve decided to disembark and try to settle in new territory. One problem is; we are unsure where to go. That’s where you come in.

Like any faction, we have a wishlist for the ideal region.

  1. Activity: This war has unfortunately proven that our region is dying. We havd only 12 factions on the leaderboard, yet only 3-4 are really competing. However, most all our wars are against FKR, and well you probably know the rest. Ideally, we’d like a good variety of factions, where hopefully one faction doesn’t majorly dominate the region over another. We’re not interested in coming in and immediately taking first. We’d like to compete and fight our way up the ranks

  2. FTP/PTP ratio: Being in a region with a heavilty PTP top faction (not trying to throw shade at FKR), it would be nice to settle down amd be able to compete and multiple levels. Where our PTP and be happy fighting PTP and our FTP can be happy fighting fellow FTP.

  3. Tournament placement: One of our wishes (while mainly a personal one) is the ability to actually be able to place highly on the leaderboard. Not having to break out the Benjamins to place top 3 in level up. We’d like to compete but compete for a purpose.

About our faction: The Whisperers are a competetive bunch who come in a mixture of FTP and PTP. We compete but compete in fairness. Again, as stated above, we’d like not to move in and dominate, but rather compete and work our way up the ranks. Respecting those who are already there. We are a strong and highly active bunch who feel we can add something to the region we decide to go to.

If you are interested in possibly having us come to your region, feel free to comment below or message me privately on Line. We’ll have one of our members check out the region and find out if it’s a good fit for us. If you’d like to get in touch with all of us, and promote your region for what it’s worth, let me know, and I can add you to our Line group.

Line ID: tonightwepurge

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Hey purge. Colbert wants you. Love Macs.

P.s. Don’t be a puss… Like Phil Nike said, “Just do it”

I don’t think they want to exchange FKR for AP.


#2 is kinda by default at this point, lol

He said they don’t wanna come in and dominate. At Colbert, they won’t have to worry about it. Lol

We love AP here… They are kind and generous overlords…

Lowndes is a pretty chill region now and looking to bring in more factions. Easy rewards and don’t have to spend money to get into top 10.

I hear it’s nice in Decatur

How many active factions in a region are you looking for?

Ap are not over lords. Mac is joking. -_-

Colbert would love to have you.
If you are worried about getting wrecked in AOW, ap managed to find a way to make it fun even when facing them.

Eventually you will have to deal with a whale where ever you go.

Why not come to a region where the resident whale keeps other whales away.

(Disclaimer; ive never seen an ap memeber in person. I do not know forsure if they are whale ppl. Like human body whale torso… Also this was in no way an attempt to insult anyone. )

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Talbot good use some active factions.

I heard Troup is nice at this time of the year.

Walker, similar strength in top 2 factions to yours.

I have not heard this

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Lol… I’m sorry… I meant that in the best way possible… AP is AWESOME and I am not exaggerating. They even loaned a couple of players last weekend because 6v6 queuing is rough on them… I’ve never seen a top faction put up FTP defenses in war just to help out the rest of the region until AP did it…

Here’s proof, lol. This was us vs them but with two of their heavies playing for resistance.

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Just an update, I have moved regions and I believe Whisperers have settled upon a new region

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Come to Mitchell ion. Good people, active factions