Faction ligue: unfair events

Hello all. I have discovered something I think unfair, I haven’t seen it before. We were 5 th in our ligue we finished 3rd of the faction raid and we are now 11th because we are not in the tournament of champions. How can we battle fair against the other faction with less events? Impossible to fight against. Think about it next time @JB.Scopely


Its the same with solos lol


With all the crazy players, solo ligue is different. You can’t fight when you’re a free player like me. But I’m in diamond ligue anyway

Dear Steph,

Unfortunately you and your faction mates haven’t spent enough to receive fair treatment. Please see handy guide for your faction spend below:

<$1,000 per month - we don’t give a shit about you
$1,000 to $12,000 per month - you have a 0.5% chance of being treated fairly
+$12,000 per month - preferential treatment level unlocked

Keep Surviving!

Scopely Fairness and Equality Team


We had the opposite happen in our faction league. The 2 factions that weren’t ToC jumped way up in rankings because they got 1st and 2nd place trophy rewards by default, whereas the 28 ToC factions were competing for a lot less and dropped behind them.

30 € in 3 years. I’m definitely a not interesting player

I agree with you completely Steph!
Same thing happened to my faction and leagues, this doesn’t help motivate factions with leagues.

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