Faction level up/Solo Raid rewards 2/1

Any info on tomorrow’s faction level up rewards??? Since it seems like a short tourney, I’m wondering if the nugget amount will even be worth it :confused:


Level isn’t posted on vk yet

No VK rewards? No tourney?

Still no rewards on VK. Only for the 24 hour solo raid.

This tourney seems weird when announced on the calendar. I won’t be surprised that it doesn’t happen

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Was looking forward to the flut hope they throw it in with the solo raid

No going to say that my other thread suggests I called it.

But I called it.

It’s crazy when you can’t trust Scopely themselves, but you can trust your friendly Russian hackers. I totally get that Shane gets information from the team, puts it in a calendar and then relies on that information being right. But fuck me, can you imagine if other companies operated like this?


@kalishane if this ends up being a non-event it will be the second faction level up that was canceled (or mis-advertised) without notice or the calendar being updated. Yes, it does say “Subject to change” but shouldn’t there be a compelling reason for that? This seems capricious, malfeasant or careless.

A bit like having 12 or so hours dead time between events then a 24 hour survival road tournament?

Nothing about level up, but raid prizes are up, starts 6pm GMT/10am PST

Maybe it’s a new event where they don’t give rewards at all?


if it turns out there isnt a faction level up its going to further anger an already volatile player base. Some people purposely hold off solo events to help factions etc

@kalishane can we get some clarification on this as most of us would prefer to know a small detail such as if the event has been cancelled or not.

for me the fact that the calendar has been updated with raids and not had level up removed means that the information was giving to yourself on what is happening.

Thanks for the time and hope we get your reply before event end


@kalishane please respond to this before solo is over. Many have scavs waiting for faction tourney that have war toons in it. If we wait for faction and don’t claim scavs in solo, then faction doesn’t happen… that’s a lot of wasted points.

@kalishane in the last 24h solo raid (13.jan) final milestone (benedict) was at 2100…why moving it to 4200


Don’t cancel the faction level up. Cancel some solos. Plus this would be for nuggets no? So I’m assuming people would be pissed.

with every event thats less than 25 hours the rewards are always awful so would expect to see maybe 4500 tokens or nuggets if that for a faction level up

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Yep the nuggets is what everybody is after. Plus it’s always action level ups that get cancelled, cancel some of the solos, faction level ups are better.

im fine if levelup was cancelled. We need breaks from those every now and then

The Problem with this uncertainty thats been placed on us once again due to many events changing last minute or at the turn of the event scheduled time, we arent 100% confident on what is going to be released etc

im now at an impasse as i want to use my scavenger camps for faction level up but will be very unhappy if its less than decent rewards and will be very unhappy if Faction Level up is cancelled as i wont waste almost 1 million points in a level up for misleading information so would have to ultimately have to bow out of the cross region war until my defence/attack teams can be used again


Yeah but the biggest point being the Top prize would have probs been 4K / 4.5k nuggets. That’s a pull from the top legendary crate.