Faction level up rewards

Does any1 know the rewards for the faction level up after war? im hoping its characters… but its most likely 3k 5* tokens for first place… am i right?

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Nothing yet, probably tomorrow morning. I think 5k 1st place and legendary medals :smile:

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Bump plz

Curious if it will actually stay a faction event or if it will switch to a solo again.

i think 6 star konrad


Voila. Bags are non-6* gear.


All part of the plan


Alpha promo lol Albert where the og neutralize gov at jeebus

The trash is expected… Depressing, but expected. Kiss my shiny metal one Scopely…

Cut and paste…when did scopley decide elite tokens that we farm daily are so valuable that they take the place of a third slot? This is ridiculous. Worse part is if you are in a top or competitive faction u want to still do ur part but it’s hardly justifiable anymore to ask people to push for half a benidict. I mean come on @kalishane is this the best we can do? A 2 day event come on this is just getting worse every event.


It’s kind of insulting to have elite and ultra rare gear bags as rewards, immediately after having changed the manner in which they are farmed—> hardcapped —>nerfed. If you create artificial supply shortages, I’m certainly not going to be more excited about seeing those items as rewards in tournaments.


That’s the idea.
It’s working great btw too.
Congrats Scopley

Sunsetting at its finest.


Exactly they starved us so that they can offer it as a prize and say look we are giving u gear just like u need. It’s just a big kick to the face. I mean come on. At least if u are giving garbage change it up. Elite tokens are in territories, raids, and farming. If anything do what they did awhile back. Offer 10x 20x the tent tokens in milestones for fodder, give prestige tokens, offer a bag with 100x gloves and 100x shirts. Be creative and mix it up. They have gotten so lazy they are just literally changing the date on events. This is as big an insult as crw. Asking your faction to waste resources on possibly a half a benidict. We got a fill benidit as a milestone in war. It’s been repeated 100x over they have no idea of the real value of things in this game what so ever. They talk about making it fair for lower factions is this how u justify fair to your lower factions giving them basically nothing for their work. This is why solos have higher rates because u give garbage for prizes in faction events. You are manipulating ur reports btw. That’s called MANIPULATION offering basically nothing for faction events and pushing people to go for solos so at least their time is worth it


I’d be fine with the gear bags if they all had the item x6. Faction events have never had amazing prizes, outside of the couple that had 5* rewards.

Edit: Elite item tokens are a complete disgrace as milestone rewards, however. Why not give world cans instead? At least then I’d have a chance at 4* weapons and legendary trainers.


Careful guys if you say you don’t want elite tokens they will swap them out for 4 star tokens…


Insert wolverine in bed with a picture of the good old times meme. Or the short span of time when they had great rewards then 6’s came out lol.

Please scopely I will have no nuts left with the amount of kicks that thay get from you guys. How menny more kicks can we take. :persevere:


Scopely: “hold my beer”

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You ask too much, 4 star tokens are expensive. Basic tokens will be enough for all, I heard some “players” asked for it.


Yay more bs as rewards