Faction level up rewards very poor


Why are the faction level up prizes nothing compared to the solo event? Faction events should have the best rewards as it’s the whole faction contributing towards the total. This needs changing. In the new 6* age I don’t think epic gear cuts it as a reward. It’s pitiful and not worth competing for the rubbish rewards. Anyone else feel the same way?


I think it needs changing but not in the way you’re thinking. Faction events aren’t necessarily so everybody can work together. It’s so those that can will carry smaller players. Rewards should be crap compared to solo rewards because otherwise more people would be getting away with sandbagging and getting better rewards for doing less.


Every event carries that risk but because it’s very hard to get they should at least put legendary gear as rewards. We can get that gear from the roadmap so why do we need an event with them as rewards? We don’t. We need more legendary gear accessible to EVERY player, not just the payers


Well speaking from experience most faction events if you want the coveted top spot, EVERYONE has to work their ass off to stay in 1st.

Scopely should look at its current climate and judge if faction events pull in more or less activity/revenue on each event.

personally from my experience, raid events have minimums so those who wouldnt have pushed for a solo raid event will be using up raids or buying more, thus giving creed to faction events needing to be more rewarding.

its only down to their ongoing pursuit to really tighten rewards more and more further on down the road.

dont believe me check another thread where someone actually posted level up event rewards, from being 1 million for an ascendable toon to 2 million being for 3k tokens


I’ve played this game for over 2 years and the rewards are pitiful compared to what they were pre 6*. The milestones have gone up stupidly for less rewards like you said. Seems to have gone backwards rather than moving with what they’ve rolled out. Used to be characters for top3 sometimes up to top 10. Now it a few gold tokens and gear that isn’t needed half as much as the legendary


I predict diversification of prize structure depending on prestige level


Update the faction table score its obsolète and not motivating to play.
Faction lol up used to be challenging