Faction level up prizes



Is the feedback even remotely considered from these forums?? These prizes are so outdated. Why are the bags elite gear and ultra gear?? Give us 6 star gear so that way we can actually participate and not go through the motions. Faction events will create more money for you guys if you give us decent prizes. Come on.


Y en a marre de ces récompenses sérieusement ça fais un moment qu on a pas vu de bonne récompenses scopely réveillez vous et mettez vous aux boulots svp



Faction gets 2 days off. Thanks Scopes for these garbage rewards!



These prizes are balls


Here here buddy…

So incredibly annoying… Even the SR prizes are nonsensical.

We’ve been starved of Liliths for weeks now even tho the promo’s are coming at us hard and fast.

Solution = pump out Ulysses’ as rewards at every chance we get because they are very important for new 6*s.