Faction level up prizes..sigh


Not going to go on a long rant but Scopely, you replaced faction survival road with another level up (that I’m sure no one wanted) and give us these same horrible rewards. No badges or power tokens, ultra rare gear, and a half pull for 1st place. Looking at the blank bottom row in milestones is disappointing, not a badge in sight.

Do better.


Boring and a hard pass for me. milestones are not even worth it. :-1:


Utter garbage


I would love to concentrate on a faction event, but its sandwiched between two solo events and has nothing to do with current event.

As a wider point, why reward us with gear that is freely available on road maps 4 days of the week? idiots



Looks like I will be giving the fac 2 days off. Again remind me why everyone cries for fac level ups again? The rewards are always complete GARBAGE!


Gg pour les récompenses elles sont honteuses meme pas d insignes sérieux



Is what we should be doing with these rewards. Everyone needs to boycott this “event”.


Where is the “players first” promise with such arbitrary fickleness on the part of operations, all complaints smugly disregarded with flippant reference to “subject to change” small print. (Did you see the locked thread?) Oh, I forgot - that mythical letter from Some Guy never happened.

Is it any wonder they went to 8 region CRW fiasco to hide declines in participation?

“Subject to change” usually implies for some unforseen but compelling reason. Here it covers typos, ignorance and a “who gives a fark” attitude. Once upon a time I worked a job where we had to provide our customers a schedule 3 months in advance. We worked hard, sometimes overtime & weekends to meet that schedule because retailers nationwide had passed that information on to their customers and expectations were created. Only once did we have to point to the “subject to change” weasel words and that was to avoid lawyers becoming involved.

Faction cohesion has been under assault since the blending blike episode (see what I did there?) A worse than non-existent calendar is just another blow to player satisfaction. I used to get the “answer 3 questions survey” prompt 2 or 3 times a week, now I haven’t seen it in weeks. Scopely certainly brings to mind the Mad TV faux commercial for Lowered Expectations dating service.


Dont forget its a dual event, just prepare your toons for next lvl up.


I saw that! I had to double check who was saying it, couldn’t believe it.