Faction level up points

Some have noticed the past month or so that faction level up points total had been negative at the bottom, while we tried to say to jb he told us to go to support, is this more across game issue? @GR.Scopely is the community manager maybe he can help us more?


Just message @Gov and he’ll sort it out :wink:


This is one issue I reported in all channels of support earlier but ignored like many other things
You finally don’t care about these little strange things becouse it don’t really affect me so hard
They count objective wrong and show as negative numbers
Look at all factions they all have negative numbers in that column

Here’s a ss from our factions negative points. Not a lot in comparison, but if it’s a close event, it could make a difference.

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Someone is leaning towards veterans rings, but this has been here since before they were a thing.


Its been like that for a long time. Its just a visual bug I believe.

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