Faction level up please


I like many others that play this game level only in faction events. Just saw on the calendar that there will be another solo level up yet again this week and then war… really really!!! stop trying to force us into participating in solo events. We need faction level up before war!! This is not acceptable FACTION LEVEL UP PLEASE!!!


LiveOps is screwing up and they don’t care.




Ever consider that you’re actually hurting your faction by holding back from an event?

I agree we need more faction level ups instead of this endless run of solos, but it’s been the reverse in the past.

Personally, having hit 1.25m this event means I now have a T3 6★ Shiva which will make me stronger, and that benefits my faction much much more than any points can


We don’t stop people from participating, we just ask that they be ready for faction.


One of the most fun parts of this game is team work. We all cooperate and hold back on solos for faction events. Me and a bunch of other players are planning to take the week off if there is no faction level. Most of us have teams waiting in scavange missions and are too stubborn to take them out before faction level. Mine have been waiting since before CRW and I struggled through that. I do not want to struggle through another.



Just give us the damn faction level scopley. Please. Do we have to beg… Wtf do I have to blow up support with questions on why we don’t have one??