Faction Level Up Non Member points are whacky



Yup, like that here too


And I was wondering how Butler’s #1 had 10M the first like 30 minutes lol


I thought it was possible for the 4mil, then noticed we had negative points haha


Bump. some random noobtroup got granted 20mil and is first. XD


Good for them.


lol this is hilarious


Yeah we got a very low activity faction in first place because of a stupid amount of non member points… thought it was a bit weird because only a couple have actually got any points at all!!


Yeah kinda crazy, looking forward to the resolution here.


it’s contributing to the overall ranking?


Same thing here, happened when there were all those connection problems at the start of lvl up/solo road.


Yes, its contributing and deducting from the total


Yes it is, multiple factions have big advantages


It’s being looked into. Thanks


Same in Bryan region


Same thing in Houston, at first I was like dayum they’re hardcore about those objectives


same in Brooks, they had over 4mil as soon as the tourney started image


Number 2 faction awarded an extra 6m points, and still can’t get past us.


This is happening in Colbert too


Well, if Happy and Chris pull their fingers out of their arses you may be in trouble :-)))