Faction level up cancelled

Week 52 - 12/23/19 - 12/29/19

  • Solo Level Up (Sun 5:00 pm - Tue 5:00 pm)
  • Solo Survival Road (Mon 12:00 pm - Wed 12:00 pm)
  • Solo Level Up (Tue 5:00 pm - Thu 5:00 pm)
  • Solo Survival Road (Wed 3:00 pm - Fri 3:00 pm)
  • Faction Level Up (Thu 5:00 pm - Sat 10:00 pm)
  • Faction Survival Road [Hard] (Fri 5:00 pm - Sun 5:00 pm)

Or just typical half assed planning by Scopely?

Wondering the same thing buddy lol.

My bad, just checked VK.

Starts at 9:00 pm est

Why do I bother going by Scopely calendar?


Last i looked it said 5 pst which is 7pm cst for me

It’s actually more accurate than the site run by the company.


So 8pm cst thx pheonix

smh seriously ? factional level ups are the best type of level ups

Do we know if its cancelled?

Look up pheonix posted new time bud

Scopely doesn’t have an efficient team, they don’t even know the game itself, VK guys know more about the time than scopely developers.
This game will end in 2020, because of scopely.

Thanks som9pm eastern

Solo events started late, so likely why they pushed faction events start back. But, it should’ve been updated on the calendar too.

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Gr was too busy editing that new years event for like the 20th time.

Actually, think it’s because of the daylight savings timing changes, the event starts so called an hour late.

Maybe Scopely are the real hackers and can’t get nothing right,They do seem to take down my porn posts a lot,but vk loves me :slight_smile:

The more this ship looks like it’s sinking, the more weight the theory of VK being Scopely Devs making side cash has.

I always thought it was suspicious years ago, who better to bypass security in a game than the guys that code it?

Management probably told them the game is on the block, so why not run it in to the ground and pump as many S Class toons out knowing whales will spend both in game and vk.

I used to defend the devs here, I just haven’t seen any passion or any show they give a flying pancake about us or the game.

It’s the end game. Pump as many repeat boring events out, ram as many s class toons out as possible, don’t fix anything, keep promises at a distance with no definitive fix date, keep everyOne guessing, post incorrect start times, entertain a Players council by “listening” to them but do the exact opposite, probably laugh when chat is closed and hop on their pogo sticks and race to the pancake buffet giggling like school girls.

These past two years have been very bad, the last few months have been the worst we have been treated as a player base.

Zero dollars spent in 2020



This looks soooo real. Lol

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