Faction Level Up - 2nd Feb

this Faction event finishes 9am Thursday PST (if my time conversion is correct). War will usually start in the afternoon PST, so just a day and a few hours between. For a faction event, we’d expect at least 3 or 4 hours before war to enable moves to happen, so any faction level up will be less than 24 hours long most likely.

On the basis of the above, we all know there will be no Faction Level up later this week right?

Because some of us have 2m and a dose of Gator Aide to be prepping for war, but if I’m only dropping 2m once, I might as well do it for the good of the faction.

They better not remove the faction lvl up, most of us are skipping the solo one to focus on the faction


That’s what I’m doing. But the timing doesn’t work - they’ve never run a “flash” faction level up that’s as short as 24 hours, let alone shorter - and the timings suggest this one will have to be that short.

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They will probably run them back to back to back. And for the sake of the calander that’s the best option

How much time is there for that? I think the last war was either 4pm or 5pm PST Friday, this event ends 9am PST Thursday - 34 hours maximum. Given there would be at least a four or five hour window between any event and war starting (which is normal, especially for a faction event to allow pre-war moves to happen) we are looking at a 29 or 30 hour faction LU. Has there ever been one this short? I don’t think so

Why is it a given to have 4-5 hours between events? In your post you said 3-4 hours. I don’t think there needs to be any time between events. If they just stick to the calander then we’re in for a fun weekend.

I agree the tighter the better. I want every event possible for wood chips.


Have you ever tried to make faction moves for war in less than 3 - 5 hours (the actual amount is irrelevant). Factions get locked and many people make moves between factions so there needs to be a time allowance.

Plus, if there is zero allowance, people need to know now to ensure they have their war line up locked in before the faction event.

Plus I’m basing it on the fact that I am pretty sure most events on Friday end around 6pm - 9pm UK time but war always starts after midnight - so the 3 - 5 hour gap is standard.

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I’d be happy with a 1 or 2 hour break. Long enough to nip out for a craft, get back home. Make some moves for war if need be, and even time for a cold refreshing beer :wink:


The calander says it all, if you see back to back faction events prepare to be locked in for the long haul. If you choose to jump factions you do so at your own risk.

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If I could trust the calendar I wouldn’t have started this bloody thread…


To put it out there: Miller has had spontaneous Flash Faction events including L.U. and Raid tourneys…

Expect everything. Trust no one.


Very true, start times on the calander would solve all our problems!


I don’t have an answer, but if getting locked out was a concern for me, I would just go back to my home faction now. Especially if it’s CRW this weekend.

Actually, the real reason is that I have a load to blow and I’d prefer to do it in a faction event and not a solo because the milestones are the same and I get more nuggets. The whole issue of factions getting locked was just a complete side discussion to the whole point of my thread


I’m sure you would but did you get permission from your faction mates first? :rofl:

Yes I’m seven and fart jokes still make me laugh too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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