Faction Leagues. Visual Bug or Stuck?


Not sure if anyone has this same issue.

I was in Faction A and moved to Faction B (within same region). When I click on leaderboard, the faction leagues tab shows name and position of Faction A rather than B.

Is this a visual bug? Or are we stuck with the first faction we started leagues in?


J’ai le même soucis


I’ve got the same issue left my fac went to a lower one for a break over the weekend and come back to the higher one.


Sucks. My current faction is #1 in Faction League leaderboard, yet im going to be rewarded for #4 of my previous faction


Yeah my actual faction is coming second and the faction i seem to be locked to is coming like 25th so hopefully im not stuck with that one.


Yeah it’s the same for me.


So much for regions that have a crafting faction


Same here . Joined a lower fac because of inactivity on my part but still see my former facs league stuff .


We have a player who is having the same issue; however he is showing up in our faction points so I believe it is a visual glitch, not actual one.


Can confirm that. Got rewarded for my current faction position, so its a visualbl bug


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