Faction leagues trophies not distributed correctly

So as the title said we should receive 175K league trophies for 1st place yet we only received 87.5K am I missing something here ? @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

Guess they thought you only deserved half? I didn’t check mine to see

Same for us, the rewards screen showed 50% of the total shown on leaderboard.

No idea if it’s just a visual thing, or even which one is correct

I reported this to them multiple times since I first noticed it last December, had at length conversations with support and they admitted it was an error, but never fixed it. Then told me well, season ended, sorry can’t fix it now.

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Does it seem to only be on raids? If so I have a theory about it. Lately (as in the past few months) faction raid has been short, roughly 24 hours. I think the 175,000 would have been meant for 2 day Raids and the 87,500 is for short Raids. They haven’t updated the reward screen. Of course my theory goes out the window if the #2 rank or anyone elae says they got the shown values.

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As far as i can tell all in the same league grouping as us got 50% league trophies i guess i have to check every faction tournament from now on

The same. Got just 50%

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