Faction League Suggestion


This is just a suggestion without much though…

Wouldn’t it be better to lock factions for the duration of the faction league and factions be split according to their performance (diamond, gold, silver, etc) and they compete against each other? Obviously rewards need to get better the higher the zone. Maybe allow people to transfer within their zone?

This way the ‘whale’ factions will fight each other and have the competition they want. Rewards for them will be better than lower zones. Also the more f2p people will be fighting each other.



I like this idea


Sadly, probably never going to happen. If p2p players don’t have a huge edge over the competition, why spend in the first place? They spend money to become way better than any f2p, and why spend if you’re just fighting against even bigger spenders?


Yes heaven forbid if you were stuck in the same loop that f2p/casual spenders ended up in.

Crushed by those who spend more.

Would suck aye? At minimum thats casual spenders in a nutshell why should they bother when they end up getting beaten down by larger spenders??

This is already the current norm for them why shouldnt some others be subject to the same…


The current league setup is for each individual to compete against others in his diamond/platinum/gold etc zone.

If a similar setup would be found for factions, then p2p/whale factions will play in the diamond zone against each other. The medium p2p/highly active factions will most probably play in platinum and they will battle each other.

Rest will play in other zones.

The last classification of the each zone should give better rewards than the highest classification of the zone below it. So the bottom faction in the diamond zone would still get better rewards than the first in the platinum zone.

This would create a more balanced playinfield and everyone should be happy. The top factions say they want competition, and in this way they will have constant competition and will be rewarded for the money they spend by getting much better rewards. The f2p wont be dominated by the whales because they’re in the diamond zone. It’s a win win situation for both players and Scopely.


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