Faction league reward backlogs for transfers?

With season 3 coming and the promise of maintaining league standing with factions kept with transfers is there any chance of those of us that transferred as factions earlier getting any sort of backlog rewards or compensation for losing their standing and being dumped back into bronze?

My faction transferred in mid-October and went from I believe Diamond I or II if I remember correctly to Bronze I. We’re still not back up to speed at Platinum V. The scheduling means that weeks where we could potentially skip ranks at times like qualifiers we were actually held back since we were at the top of those rankings. I.E. rather than jumping from say… Gold I to Gold V we went from Gold V to… Gold V. It simply wasted a week.
At the current most direct route it takes 16 weeks to recover back to Diamond I and during that time a lot of the rewards are utter garbage. I missed Fedoraboobs and Tara because of this and barely got Sandy. Is there any way to track transfers and remade factions, and thus offer some sort of compensation to their members for the weeks they were stuck in lower standing? @JB.Scopely
League history is tracked/kept correct? It might get somewhat messy since people jump factions but it probably doesn’t happen too often post-transfers. If you’re willing to leave a region with them you’re probably willing to stick around for a long time. Of our faction 28/30 members transferred. 24 of us are still in the same group after 3 months, so it’s not some messy mix and match situation; we’re still largely 1 coherent group. That and individual join dates are stored (profile>faction tab) so referencing them with faction creation dates could work.

I don’t need 16 weeks of Diamond I rewards thrown at me, just something to give me a bump going into next season. Gear fatigue is going to start hitting me real hard. Anyone else in a similar situation?


I get that it was a pain (my faction did the same so I know how annoying it was) but I’m pretty sure we knew beforehand that if you transfer you have to restart. Doubt that they’ll even consider compensation considering it wasn’t exactly a mistake rather than just how it works. Compensation isn’t exactly their strong suit but it doesn’t even seem necessary in this case. They’re adding the non reset as a feature based on us asking for it. Not fixing a mistake they made

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Mostly true, but this is becoming how it worked, past tense. Given that they’re changing it the new system has to be the desired/intended one so making one close to it working in reverse isn’t unreasonable.

It was intended the way it is now. Even stated it in the initial launch notes. Faction progress did not transfer. But, they heard our concerns and gave to our request to make it the way it will be. I agree with no compensation for this

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But you got the progrès rewards though? That like totally makes up for not being diamond…

Most of the trophies are coming from level up milestones.

A lot of factions took that hit and transferred, mine was one of them. We understood moving forward with a transfer that we were essentially losing all progress. I still managed to get zeek and could of also gotten Mira had I chosen too. Ive been able to get all 3 toons this go around and have about 13k left. I think with some factions transferring several times as well as those who transferred 1x it would be a big ordeal for scopley to handle lol. Honestly I would rather see efforts put into other parts of the game. I think the understanding was clear before and it was a choice.

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Again: that’s how it was. Now it’s changing.
The change shows a change in intent.
Scoeply now considers it important that we do not lose faction progress.
Some of us did.
By Scoeply’s own new definition we were let down.

And while I would like compensation, the main point here is to get a clear response on the possibility from JB. Which seems less and less like it’ll happen…

Ask this, does it benefit the player/faction in any way? Yes? You get more rewards? Then the answer is no, it wont happen, be fixed, changed, etc

Does it cost scopely profits? Yes? Will be fixed, changed, patched in a matter of minutes

The only way your faction is getting anything is if money could be made from it

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So my faction made the choice to hold off on transferring, and has been sitting where we are for weeks, in case the season 3 update might include a fix for transferring league rank. Which, yay, was finally announced it would. So we are still sitting here waiting. I would be really frustrated if factions that made the choice to jump early, knowing full well when they did transfer, they would be starting over, got rewarded for it.

Stuff changes in games like this. Sometimes for the best sometimes not for the best. There was a clear message t players choosing to leave regions that factions would start over. You chose to leave knowing you would lose rank. They have no worked it out that a faction can keep progress. It will be installed in update and it’s been known to players now going forward. You don’t have much of an argument. Id love for it to happen but I know it won’t , cut your loss and let’s focus on trying to get an actual statement about coins in leagues.

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