Faction Leaders deserve a free 5 star gift....! C'mon Scopely?


Don’t you…?

For all your hard effort towards your faction members, the game we love to hate and generally for being all round nice good looking intelligent well mannered human beings.

I move that Scopely rewards all Faction Leaders immediately with a free 5 star of their choice, in recognition of their unwavering silent but violent dedication to the game.

Faction leaders…you may thank me later, check your inboxes…

ATTN. SCOPELY…I do not want an Yvette…thanks,


Lol no :rofl::rofl:


Hahahah this made me laugh! :smile:
Would be nice though, but I do it because I love my guys. I’ve been blessed to have awesome members in my faction. :angel:


I thought the same tbh, but I don’t think they actually need the free 5* lol


I have serious hoarder issues though, it’s become like Walkemón, gotta catch them all. =)


Also please don’t forget the 29 support staff beneath each leader. The backbone workers.


Definitely. Everyone plays an important part in the faction.


We share the same disease then, walking collecting half-dead :muscle:t2::joy:


If u re about to get any 5* toon you want, which one would it be?


Ooooh, difficult question, there’s so many left for me to collect, lol. But I think one of them would be the Gov that would become ascendable, whichever version that will be, since he has great potential to wreck faces as the proposed 6* version. :slight_smile: Magna is another one, but purely because she’s one of my unicorns, I did multiple pulls for her and never got her. Edit: Priya also falls under this category. .:frowning:


So do i get many free 5s for being soft app tester and a day one player? no? okay.


Red gov from the depot, rly?


In my 2 years on the game, I’ve never had him pop up in my depot. So maybe if he appears there then I’d strike that one off my request list and just buy it myself, my depot points are just sitting there looking pretty. It also took 1.5 years before I finally saw the oar in there as well. =(


Troll post


trolled post


Let us see what :robot: says,

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: You may rely on it


Its not like this game is World of Warcraft or major mmo. It takes very little to lead a faction, especially on a mobile game. IN FACT, I see most of the time, the ones giving commands are the ones that are not even the one that started the faction to begin with.