Faction Leader Quit

The leader of our faction vanished from the game and hasn’t logged in to our region or any other in at least 18 days. All leadership in the faction have messaged support to get the position reassigned to an active member. However, support continues to tell us that the game will automatically reassign the leader position to an active member if the leader does not play for 14 days. Obviously, this has not happened. Not sure if the system doesn’t work like Scopely says or if there is a bug at work here. Support says there is no other way to change faction leadership, aside from trusting this system. Has anyone in a similar position had luck with the leader position being reassigned automatically to an active member?

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Did u check to see when was his last login date?

He has to be inactive in all regions and leadership will transfer if its not then he is logging on at some point in some region

Thanks for quoting the 20 answers from scopely support I’ve already received. The guy hasn’t logged into the game in any region since 11/26. I know for sure he hasn’t logged in because his prestige hasn’t changed since then, and that will increase daily for the account no matter what region he is in. And starting a new faction is not problem solved due to leagues

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G i t _ g u d


I take it he didn’t have a co-leader? What is it that you need your leader for? Other than starting faction assault and booting people you should be all right…

Im 100% sure that most people in this game if in the same position would not just make a new faction and start in bronze leagues.

To the op if you can get in contact with them thru line app, etc maybe facebook, idk what people use today but after 14 days it should transfer lead to an active member, thats how you farm fac… I mean what


why the fuck would anyone do they if they are high rank on leges?? dumb reply tbh takes well over 32 days each rank type to move up that is lot of toons ppl can or could miss. You get fuck all season tokens per week at min of 200 a week before even passing gold rank.


I’m not sure how much has changed with this mechanic, but the first faction i was in, everyone got screwed over.

At the time i was co-lead and was on everyday yet it went to some random noob that was only been in the faction for a week and of course they didnt speak english or respond to anything.

So i took the actives and started my own faction. Of course this was way back so i didnt have to worry about faction league placement or assualt tokens.

So your best bet is either start your own faction or merge with another faction if league status is kind of an issue.

Having been complicit in a modicum of Faction Assault farming, I can assure you that if the player is not active it will transfer pretty damn quickly. I had a noob account being made leader overnight.

You mention prestige isn’t increasing, when did you check that? He might not have logged into your region in 18 days, but if he logged in elsewhere in the last 14 days but before you checked his prestige, you might still be waiting for the 14 days to kick in (if that makes sense)?


That’s exactly what i was thinking. I doubt you started monitoring his prestige on the day he quit playing your region. He may have logged into a different region a few days later and reset the timer.

Dead accounts would always transfer leadership to someone else automatically when i was faction assault farming. Occasionally it would take longer than 14 days but it never failed.

ive had a newb account take over once in a day too

then ive had a brand new account not be made leader for 4 months, im sure the guy is in another region

Yeah, if the leader has been inactive for more than the two weeks you will be made leader overnight.

I found a few factions where the leader was AWOL but prestige was not increasing (suggesting not active in another region) - not sure I ever stayed long enough to confirm 100% they had been inactive for two weeks though.

What a bum to do that to you! Anyway if that happened to me and the faction is worth saving (sounds like it is) then one of the coleads should take charge until the game mechanics kick in. Or if they’re not that active then I would msg them and volunteer to do the leader stuff for now. Also I would keep at support until something is finally done. Good luck!

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