Faction Leader Account hijacked and needs Support to Help More



We spoke briefly about this earlier.

Our faction leader turned on his game/app last Friday to be welcomed to a new account show up on his screen. He tried to log back onto the game as normal when linking it up. No Joy.

He messaged Support on the Friday but only started getting replies yesterday (Tuesday)

in this time he lost out on log in scores/milestones and the events going on at that time.

Even more disturbing was during gameplay on the weekend it said in faction chat that he moved to another region (Butts)

upon investigation as i have an account in the butts region this player who hi-jacked the account was looking for a faction to join. he used up all our players coins (4,000+ all the ascending tokens (silver & Gold) and ascended all his Andreas all whilst opening all war crates/rewards and using them in a level up)

he has managed to reclaim his account back due to help from support but is now stuck in the butts region with No Transfer Key and no coins.

Even more so Support is not helping in any way to get the account reverted back to a certain time or even helping with compensating him with another key just so he can come back to the region.

Scopely, he is our faction leader of a ranked 1 faction with many players who are big spenders and very active in your game. We feel this should be looked at more than in game support who give off false information about what they can and cant do regarding getting this player back to his region and hopefully regaining his resources/coins that he has been saving and spending wisely for the 3 years he has been playing.

thank you

Account stolen, Tough luck

They are capable of reverting accounts back to a certain point, so don’t let them tell you otherwise. when I first transferred I lost my account. After two days of trying to get help, they reverted my account back to my old region to before I transferred.


This is a different story about the same guy. Different tread says he was trying to move is account from one device to another. Here you say he just logged in and had a different account?
Where is this so called leaders threads on the issue?


Maybe … just maybe… let this “leader” speak for himself… are you his lawyer? Or his maid? …

Scopely is not stupid… the reason hes not getting his coins and such back is cuz they believe there is a hidden agenda in it somewhere… otherwise I’m sure there would not have been a problem. I for one have never had an issue dealing with scopely support… yeah it’s a bit slow but they have always been helpful if theres nothin sketchy going on.





Closing thread: duplicate entry.

The case has been taken care of, thanks :slight_smile: