Faction in limbo

Our leader bought us a key and transferred faction to new region. After 20 mins of transferring the faction itself did not appear. I have the proof of message showing it was moved. How is this being resolved?

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Same here, we transfer saturday, 4 people can´t transfer beacause a bug and short time later the trasnfers close…
Our faction is in a Limbo too.
3 Milion negan tickes
Diamond 3
We lost the league… we lost players, we lost keys…
Nothing solve!!!

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This is unacceptable. We are diamond 2 faction. Been hoarding tickets since last event

Have there been any factions that were able to move successfully?
No way I’d be transferring a faction right now based on these reports.

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Pass window we transfer our faction, no problem at all…
Not this time…
Be carefoul to do any transfer right now

I’ve heard of none that were able to get their lost faction returned. And with transfer windows so short , u kinda hope it won’t happen to u. Because u do all the correct steps

Any resolution?

Supposedly it is fixed. If you are still in limbo have Leader contact support

Our faction was returned. Took another hour for leader status. Member count is incorrect but that’s only issure

they move all players to your faction?
u stay in a bkp faction or did u stay without a faction util they solve?

No, all players won’t be moved to the faction; they will have to join.

Here are the tips I’m getting as I skim through all of the feedback, updates, and info from devs/CMs:

  • The leader should be factionless
  • If the other players hang out in a backup faction, it can’t have the same name as the other faction.
    Disband the backup faction and recreate under a new name if you don’t want to spend the coins to change the name.
  • The leader needs to open the ticket with support. Other players don’t need to.

@Monox I’ve got your faction info and will pass the info on to try to get someone to look at it sooner.


Additionally, after the faction is restored:

  • The leader needs to check all the settings.
  • You may need to send out invites as opposed to players requesting to get in.
  • If a player is having problems with invites, they can try jumping into another faction (or creating their own) and then leaving it. That may reset some of the faction invite statuses.
  • Worst case, lower level/rep joining requirements and coordinate with members to open when they’re ready to jump in then close once they’re in.
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Hello LadyGeek,

I m Truco the leader of the facction that Monox mentioned. (New revolution)

I sent an e-mail to twd support and im trying some help there to.

If tou need any additional infomartion, please, let us know.

The war ia comming, and its important to us solve the problem.

Thank you


Please, keep writing to support. They should be able to fix you now.

Thank you for the Help @LadyGeek… we appreciate

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