Faction helper wheel

I’m not expecting 6 stars or anything like that , but can you guys improve this wheel ? It’s very out dated…
Maybe some scraps , battle Items , prestige tokens (just a few) guaranteed 3 stars, to sell for SD points

… something actually useful


Would love for them to do this, stopped even pulling from the wheel, currently sitting on over 3k pulls, and I’m sure other have much much more than that


Drop the 1s and put 2s in there. Then we could use them for lvling at very least.


And while we are at it update the basic token wheel as well (1 millionth time this has been requested here on the fourms) just take out the one star toons and weapons from both wheels


Both Basic and Helper tokens are shit. We need an improvement.


Maybe add four stars as they are just as useless as three stars

Just yet another example of a facet of the game that is just so out of date with the current “economy”.

See also, 7 day scavenger mission for a Brady and Flak jacket…

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I thought they updated those - they used to give out more 2* and they nerfed it a year or two ago?

Agree :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Oh wow, slightly higher chance of 3 star toons and weapons. Sing from the rooftops. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Sorry, overly sarcastic. You are right, they did “buff” the wheels a little when they introduced more 3 stars beyond Diego, Timothy and Craig. However, greater chance of useless crap isn’t much better than a small chance of useless crap…

This wheel used to give tons of 2s and was great for leveling events. Now it’s pretty much useless. The only time I pull from there is if I need a few extra depot points and I’m hoping to get some weapons and 3. Even my level 30 account doesn’t pull anything worth using on there. The weapons are garbage and the 3*s are useless. So speaking from a newer player and og point of view.

well, that’s what my post is saying - “nerfed it”

Yeah, both wheels are same (like twin brothers). You can remove one and it won’t change much (if at all).


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