Faction help contribution

Add a feature when you’re in a faction and asked for help about something, ppl can contribute to help u by their own choosing, and when someone help u he gain some kind of xp or something like that, some of the best mobile games already has this feature pls consider it as it make the game so enjoyable and nice to play

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That is a good idea! I play TopWar where this is used - the items you can ask for are limited set of choices, so that this can’t be abused.
Specificslly they are enhancement craft items (equivalent to materials for crafting weapons) middle XP book (Brady) and coins (food/materials).

@vitalogy could ask for silver paint! :wink:


I suspect that Scopely views the use of faction support characters as the game’s faction help. But it takes forever to get enough tokens on the faction support wheel (or whatever it’s called), and the wheel rewards are worthless. So, most people ignore faction supporters unless they really needs them.

It would be great to have more ways for faction members to help and receive something actually useful in return.

Yep, can’t understand why you need 8 helper tokens for a pull… if it were 1:1, it would already be a step forward (FLU / SLUT fodder)

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Plus there was some event where they wanted you to somehow make an absurd amount of pulls off the Helper Wheel in like 2 weeks. Don’t recall the exact number but if you had no Helper Tokens you would need to get like 24 a day every single day for the entire event in order to complete the mission. After that I just stopped pull g on the wheel

YES! I am doing the exact same thing, for that reason - one of them was Pathways where I think we had to open the Supporters wheel 100 times, and there was another one as well semi recently where we had to open the wheel 10 times.

I am only opening the wheel now when I have over 1000 tokens.

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