Faction full of hackers in Tift(ES)


Do not send me to the in game support or the email to report cheaters, that shit does not work, weeks reporting and nothing happened.

Please @kalishane do something, the faction named Atlanta is pulling premiers even when they are not in promo. You just have to look at the dates they are pulling the erikas, dantes,alphas,etc and the ban will be automatic lol. 1 month ago they were the number 3 faction with no premiers and no coins,only one hacker, the first SC. Now they all have erikas and super teams,currently undefeated. One member a month ago was one of the worst and now have 2 erikas and 1 koa…thats unacceptable, koa and 2 erikas without them being in promo, he is not a spender all 3 in less than a month. The first screenshot, he bought that account with a high prestige and have EVERY PREMIER 2 TIMES, 2 koas,2 erikas,2 dantes,2 red jesus and the list goes on.

This is the one with the erikas and koa

I dont know what proof i can show, theres no way i can show how they are using a hack. But it is too obvious for all the players in the region that they are hacking and ruining the game. @kalishane if you want just send me a pm asking for anything and I will do my best to show you, I have a lot of SC but dont want to make the post too long.


whats their prestige like? doesn’t look suspicious at all from your screenshots


11 and 12 by the looks of the 2 posted.


yeah my bad, didn’t even look lol… well I mean if their prestige is 11/12 they’re obviously spending.


Exactly. It’s not easy to get to p11 even without spending a bit of $$


The region is old and when prestige arrived there was a bug that gave you a lot of prestige in each region, i have 350k prestige and only spend in 30 day pass lol.


Like i said,is nearly impossible to prove someone is hacking with photos , you just need to know the region and play years with the same people to understand, everyone in the region know they are hackers but other regions may think they are legit because they dnt know them. Just some of the bastards prestige, some of them bought accounts.all of them with premiers pulled in less than a month. One player in tje region is pretige 13 and he does not have that good premiers, because the chances are too low.


The chances arent low for prem toons…

I got 2x 6s and 3x 5s in my last 40 pull.

Just have to be lucky.


I don’t think that was a bug. That was a pro rata thing on how much you had spent and how many days logged in before Prestige was released. I gained most of my prestige because of that.


It wasnt a bug. Scopely sent that reward to every region you were in though.

I got shitloads bc of that.


With the amount of trainers and gear required to get a legendary character to the point where they’re viable on a raid/defense team, it’s reasonable that a period of time could pass between a characters acquisition, and their making an appearance, more so if someone was saving for a solo lvl up.


I don’t see anything suspicious in ur screenshots.


All I see is boo hoo some players got some nice toons.


Not saying these guys are or aren’t hacking but there is a newish hack where its possible to raise prestige via daily SR and get whatever premiers you want as rewards


Single player yes, an entire faction is NOT luck.


Of course there’s nothing suspicious with the screenshots i posted. I repeat, is impossible to prove they are hacking unless you are an old player in the region and know everyone. Stop saying is luck, more than 10 members with erika,alpha,koa and more premiers, in less than a month without the premiers being in promo,from top 3 in war to nearly undefeated top 1…yeah sounds like they are too lucky.


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The screenshots are for kalishane in case she ask, teams,they saying they use hack im global chat( in spanish), and more chat talks. i will not post all screenshots because they are in spanish and you will not understand. I am not tyring to prove it to anyone here, you will not help me in anyway, you are just curious ppl that want me postin them using the hack at their homes…LOL.I only wanted to see if some important staff of scopely could do something, investigate new hacks out there or whatever they want to do. Have a good day.


Tift(es) is an old region 250.000 prestige is normal for a player that got more than 2 years playing in this region. They have only one hacker that logs in on their accounts and he can “buy” premiere toon an gear with the offers at 0 costs.


Al player pander le vende monedas el español del siguiente numero +34645205264 conocidos por algunos como señor javi.
La cuestion no es que se le envidie el prestigio, sino que de una persona que sacaba 200k de oro y que su prestigio solo subiera en son de 8400 de oro. Osea el mister hace una compra para tratar de disimular el monto de 200k de oro fraudulento. Y el tema mas complejo, es que toda una faccion se esta involucrando con el ya mencionado player pander, no es natural que gente como kometin, que no tiene prestigio de visa, tenga una plantilla con pjs premier y a ful, el reclamo tiene fundamento en la base de que ni visas de otras facciones tiene una plantilla tan gustosa como la de esa faccion. Gente como will que no compraba mas que el pase, aparesca con personajes que no salen de 250 cada uno. Les pido se habran al planteamiento que decimos, no es cuestion de envidia repito. Quien escribe lleva mas de 2 años en el juego tiempo en el cual se conoce a la gente. Comparti faccion con el player y doy fe que en sus comienzos estaba meses farmeando para un level y ahora va a todo level y ruta mortal que aparece.