Faction events must be overhauled for the longevity of the game



I think we all already know this but does the games developers?. This game has suffered greatly over the years due to greed and desire to push the biggest spenders to spend more in solo events. Solo events became their prime way of profiteering but that is because in comparison faction events simply lacked in the rewards department. But instead of improving faction events they just made solo events even more rewarding basically causing their game to be more about the individual than the team which really speaks volumes about the games developers mindsets. By pushing so many solo events and now you actually have two solo events running at the same time its caused many big spenders to simply not spend anymore and thus probably quit or just spend on other more important things like the war i assume which seems to be the common thing to do now. Theirs still some who have more money than sense however eventually they will grow tired as we all have also. Theirs a way to really make your game more fun however and thus keep it going for longer. Simply improve on a large scale the faction events, give them an overhaul so the prizes are truly worth putting a lot of participation into and make factions work more like a team how the walking dead was originally depicted by robert kirkman himself as nobody can survival alone for long in such a violent and dangerous world right?.

I want to see this game truly innovate and come back so strong!.

Come on scopely,

We know your capable of investing please do so and have in mind the team not the individual please.



Faction events have always been like this and the game has been strong. Why would Scopely make the prizes comparable to solos? The differential is essentially the same as it has always been. In fact the differential has decreased. Not sure what examples you are using.


No they haven’t. During the 5* era we have had dual faction events giving top 3 toons in each.


For faction raid and level up events the top prize was a 4*. Solos were 5*’s. In the 6* era we got 5* tokens for both in different quantities. With nuggets again there was different quantities but for both tokens and nuggets you can save for the bigger reward. No amount of 4* got you a 5* in the 5* era.

So, how did the rewards get worse??


I think you will find your wrong tho.

I remember getting Connie & Nurse Rick from Faction Raids and Faction level up, also had Ben in there.


Yeah, no. The vast majority of faction prizes for well over a year was 4*’s. Ask around. Were there a couple of exceptions? I don’t recall any but I was gone for a month in the summer.


Those 2 were before that though. I also remember winning a blue Ty from faction event also. A couple of others, I’d have to look through my photos, but nobody can deny a lot of the prizes have dwindled :disappointed:


Sorry, that didn’t happen. Faction events were 4*’s. If you find a prize structure screen shot please let me know. :wink:


Errr yes it did :joy::joy:

First was David, Ben Connie during the level Up,

Raid I can’t mind other 2 but Nurse Rick was a prize also.

Both Dual faction events running at same time :rofl:

So get your facts straight before lookin like a fool.

I have Ss.


Nurse Rick was an error. Scopely actually fired someone over it.


Post the SS then.


Gotta be somebody else here hat remembers that event. I was stoked Cus me and my faction all got Connie & Rick. I have the ss of receiving them, not of prize structure as it was a while ago.


Faction was 4*’s but i’d Be happy to see SS.



Looking for the Connie and Ty ones now


Good luck. As mentioned that Rick was an error.

Not that I see the SS showing a faction event but that one I will concede.


Connie was on the other one man, I’m telling you. Was both faction events, both have 5*. There will be others that remember it too.

We just missed out on Ben but got Connie instead.

Don’t see how this is an argument lol


Because the basis of your complaint was that prizes are worse and create more of a gap. Even if I concede a 5* for 3 events the vast majority were 4* and the tokens/nuggets are an improvement. Much less of a gap.


I never said anything about a gap. Just said that I think the faction events prizes aren’t as great as they have been before, and should be.


Sorry, thought you were the OP.