Faction Events and non Combatant Rewards

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I understand that life comes first, well it does for me!
Am sure we have all come across leeches who do less than the minimum amount or nothing at all and it really grinds my gears. Surely as the game developers you can put in a bench mark for faction players to hit before they receive any rewards that the rest of the faction have worked hard for not to include the personal milestones.

I can see that people are going to point out its up to the Faction Leads/Co Leads in general but there is still nothing they can do about the rewards. Setting a player bench mark in Faction Events would then either make them play or make us see they are not bothered.

e.g. Faction Level Up minimum requirement is 1.5 mil to receive the faction rewards.



It is an administrative issue for each faction. do you want that backpacker that is top 1 in reputation in your faction? accept the consequences

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While I like the principle of the idea, I think there are too many variables for this to be something Scopely can implement.

It is annoying when you have a few people being carried by others. This is generally why faction leaders impose minimums, people who don’t meet those minimums without a good reason get kicked. Sometimes the reasons don’t matter. It depends on the faction and it’s up to the leaders to run their faction as they see fit.

Just expel that member of the faction and problem solved, if not you want to remove it, the truth is that there is not much problem with earning those rewards, it will not do much since the amounts are really low, even more so if you are outside the top 1-3

Well, while there are some members who always find a way to disappoint with their performance, imposing hard minimums would be a no go…

Not sure about your faction, but the ones I’ve been in have only a very few that hit super strong in all events. You usually get 20 guys who stop shortly after the final raid milestone, final legendary stage in SR or a “reasonable” milestone in LU / war and make a token appearance in onslaught, but in one of the events they can put a massive score…

So, do you want your “8M or bust” FLU MVP to get no rewards because he sucks at war, barely managing 10k? Or your “I think I’m hitting 20k in this faction raid” members get no rewards from FLU because they lack trainers/gears to put in more than the torches milestones?

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