Faction events all week long?

As the title says… This is new and we are getting onslaught also… scopely… What are you up to?

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Personally i like the format better than a 2 day solo raid and solo sr then a fac raid and fac level, etc. That was soooo resource draining


If the rewards are decent, I would agree. Unfortunately Scopes relies on dedication to faction for participation, rather than reward motivation. Who knows though, maybe we get a bunch of collectibles in place of useful stuff.

We had the entire month with solo events, so for me is fair to have the last week with faction events. Also, what this Onslaught means? Never heard before

I prob should had put that lol but thats my gripe, fac rewards are always the worst and with scopely i never expect anything than the worst so im not holding my breath for fac event rewards but if they are good then great esp if they are decent amount of collectibles for s class but again, past events, raids, level up and war have shown they are very low amounts


Lololol you will learn lololol

September 26th ?


Oh yea that is this Thursday lol i was never one holding them to that date as i dont see any improvement and its not gonna happen in 3 days, i am curious to see whats gonna happen with the community but it will prob just be spammed repeated posts that get deIeted and then spam repeated posts asking why that post was deIeted

Must of hit a nerve, i will be waiting for the 26th tho :rofl:


If Onslaught gives collectible boxes, most people wouldn’t mind doing it.

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I dont mind it much tbh and yea it depends on rewards for me that makes an event

Anyone know the rewards?

1 piece of moldy cake for 1st place


Was just wondering if it was collection items or crapy amounts of 5* tokens

On second thought, guess collection items would be preferable. Thing is, I don’t have any idea which items I really need. So many collections and some are just used to get other collection items. It is a convoluted mess.

As a totally ftp player, if someone can drop some knowledge on which path is the most realistic to end in some useful toon or gear, I am open to input.

deleted by than lmao

If you want to work towards getting a Sclass toon. Then keys or cones seem to be the way alot of people are going with first. I know a few players who have already picked up one 5* Priya.
Myself i need 3k more keys for Pete. (Currently saving for another solo lvl up)
Its painfully slow but that seems the way atm.
Or go for bullets or choc cake if you want to get 5* Raulito or Laopo.
There is also velvet cakes for museum collections. Which give around 1k of each item and above. But that depends if you have the toon with the collection.
Which so far i have not.

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Go for ice cream cones as that is for priya and attack is better than defense or go for raulito if you have some good red and greens and lacerators. Keys for pete are the most easy to get, chocolate cake is for lao po, personally im going for priya and lao po

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I said it somewhere else. If I was running the game, I’d run faction events to try to encourage more players to go to less dead Regions. Reinforce the idea that moving is good for them.

So I basically have no idea why Scopely are doing it.

No thanks