Faction event round NY eve?

This is the first time I posted here. But I’m disappointed about the fact a faction event appears during new year. Obvious scopely is about getting more people to spend for cans so we can celebrate with friends and family without the feeling we are letting their faction down. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels that way? For all, have a great beginning for the new year (in real life)


Milestones in a raid tourney are accomplished pretty quick if you have a couple cans left and a few lowered def teams in your region. You don’t have to sit all day long in front of your phone for this type of tourney unlike other events. There was a time when we had 3 Blitz Wars in just one week. I for my part have no issues with the fact that this is faction based. Also you don’t have to “buy” cans when you have some activity in CRWs. But I do understand your sentiment.

Christ, people will complain about anything these days.


I’m not worried about the milestones. Done easely with a bit of time. Rewards are crappy also. The fact is why bother? Our region is really active. We are top 3. But after a series of none faction related events, why now?

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It’s a game if your faction thinks you scoring a zero around any rl event they need to get help

And you just did… Have a great year though

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this should be the odds on all p2p crates.

Honestly because Scopely seems to like screwing us over in subtle ways and having a good laugh about it

But like you said rewards are trash and milestones are easy to hit just have people hit stones then tell them to have a Happy New Year

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