Faction event rewards are awful

Why are these rewards so much worse than solo events
Which are horrible in there own right


Raids cut from 6 to 4 mods which was a lousy move but still for less than 24 hours at mods for placing isnt horrible. Levelups used to give me 10k for first so those went up drastically now being 50k and other placements better than before.
Faction events tend to give worse than solo because 1st goes to 30 people not 1 in a region.
Milestones need to go back to when they were giving like 10x basils in milestones. I like getting cans and league tokens but definitely need to up those trainers.
Sr rewards always seem to be the worse for the event thats most time consuming. I hate sr none of the prizes make it worth it faction or solo. Only do it for leagues or fac


Survival road oof

yes yes very awful. the tournament rotation lately has been shit.

I got 7500 of those things not even enough for the lowest end one ahaha.
What a failure, that Jesus ain’t worth 10$


Pretty sure the solo raid prize is four gold mods… and the solo sr prize was ten bennies. Give me 6 bennies for my whole faction (and less cans) than ten bennies for myself (with a lot of cans to get first place). The faction rewards have improved immensely.

I was watching Clerks the other day and Ricky reminds me of the Chewlies gum rep. Anyone else? :smirk:

One thing is for certain… if I complained about something as much as you and some others do, I certainly wouldn’t be playing or wasting my time complaining about it.

Selfish players think 10 bennies in solo SR is better than 6 bennies for everyone in the faction. Give me the faction rewards over the solo rewards any day.

I agree that people should focus on the faction over the solo’s because otherwise what’s the point of being in a faction but seriously all you do is say how great everything in the game is when everyone else around you begs to differ.

Rewards across the board are terrible. Solo and Faction. Period.

I hope your at least getting paid by them otherwise… :laughing:

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Why are they terrible? What would you like? Do you even realize that faction level up rewards used to give 5500 five star tokens… and now they give out 50,000? Give them credit where credit is due. The rewards are so much better. They listen, and then we still complain.

I’m disappointed in dropping the raids from 6 to 4 gold mods but in my opinion, 6 gold mods, 50k in five star tokens and 6 bennies in sr are good rewards. Especially if your in a good faction and don’t have to put up the resources one has to by themselves in a solo.

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I want ZERO 5-star tokens with its 93% chance at a non-ascendable. I want a dedicated ascendable only wheel in which to earn tokens for. So does everyone else.

We want our gear map thats a year and a half overdue.

Rewards are crap and are not worth wasting any time towards. Only a shill would see it otherwise.


So you just want a bunch of Jessie’s? There’s a lot of useful toons on the five star wheel. I’m sure you wouldn’t get five pulls on this ascendable wheel that you want.

No idea what a gear map has to do with rewards…

Like I said, we asked for better rewards and they gave them to us. If they aren’t up to par for you, or you just hate every single thing about this game… then like why play? I just don’t understand.

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There are well over 100 ascendables. An ascendable only wheel could contain at least 50 of them to start and you know it.

Besides Kate and maybe like 2 or 3 others there are zero useful 5-stars for anyone who is not new to the game. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure Kate’s not even in that wheel.

Your argument is weak and you know it.

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My argument isn’t weak at all. Let’s not just take the old format into account off 5500 tokens (half a pull). So every month you would get a five star ascendable pull… or ten five star pulls with a chance of an ascendable. My preference is the ten five stars. Allows me to save my benedicts, allows points for level ups and when new five star ascendables become availble, gives a way to get them.

We all know, if they made a six star wheel it would be all outdated toons except 1 or 2. Faction events require minimal work and that’s why they don’t have the same rewards as solo events. You wanna win first place in solo level up? You gotta score 6-10 million depending on region… you wanna win faction level up? Some players win with scoring 10k. It makes sense to me.

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And you can’t possibly level up an ascendable for points or use it in place of a Benedict. :wink:

I think most people would rather get one or two pulls from a dedicated ascendable wheel with a shot at improving their team. Unless of course, they are a whale of which I suspect you are and since you bought your team you have no need of an older ascendable nor do you care if anyone else who plays might be able to benefit.

You also must be in a faction that always takes 1st in a region with no competition because 2nd gets 2 and 3rd gets 1. 4th-10th only gets half a pull and it gets worse from there. So thanks for thinking of no one but yourself as per usual.


I criticize plenty when I need see fit. I’m not going to criticize when the rewards have been made 10x better in some cases. I work hard for my rewards. The game takes effort. It’s what keeps me playing… I’m not sure what keeps you playing. But boy, I sure would hate to be in a faction with someone as disgruntled as you. Unfortunate.

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Rewards for faction events have always fallen flat compared to solos.
Their excuse back then was that factions didn’t engage that much in these events. Making the rewards subpar.
I’ll just go ahead and say I always found this ridiculous seeing as when they gave out a 5* (by mistake) a lot of facs went ham for that
So the point being, fac events clearly don’t generate enough pennies for them to care (as do other areas of the game) so rewards will always feel bland vs solo events.

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I’m not sure they are 10 x better, 10 x bigger perhaps but that’s not the same. 5* tokens today do not have the worth they once did.

If i get a colouring book for xmas when I’m 6 and 10 x colouring books for xmas 30 years later it’s not a 10 x better present. Just a lack of imagination and lack of understanding that the world has changed.


If we keep at the pace of a legacy ascendable every 2 weeks, aren’t those 5* tokens maybe gonna come in handy somewhere down the road…?

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By the time that happens another 30 years will have passed and I will be getting 20 x colouring books for xmas