Faction event leaks?


Does anyone have a whiff of what dual faction event prizes starting today will be ?

@kalishane Will you crush vk this weekend or will they end the week on a 1-1 draw of prize announcements.


Vk tie up the score by posting possibly the most awful prizes and milestones I’ve ever seen

2 MILLION Points for one piece of gear ? Ugh yKEnOoone7w



Yeah just edited my comment there after posting I checked vk and was like “I’ll be damned”


Thought we were gettin somewhere. Guess not


2m for standed fucking 6 gear bit? give us a gps or canteen for 2m ffs. how dumb is this


also two shit 5s for a solo sr had two great 5s for doing next to nothing.


The Calendar also said , faction level up , but it’s a solo ?

Red clem is second for a solo level up



Well…the hoarding continues another week


These prizes are terrible


@kalishane I know you try…but the prizes are horrible…and you said in your calendar, that its going to be a faction lvl up… i prepared for my faction…not for my self…thats really bad…I wanna lvl for my faction!
And 2 Million points??? OMG are they serious?


We were told faction, we prepared for faction.this is B.S. !


Awful prizes
Wrong event
Poor milestones

I’m taking the weekend off lol


Every event its the same thing its so frustating! I want to scream a big " FUCKKKKKKK YOUUUUUUUU " but i will not do it so never mind and try to do better next time scopely maybe?


Good decision :+1:t3:


Wait, wait, wait. Is it going to be a solo lvl up? It wasn’t supossed to be a dual event? What about those rewards? What da actually hell with Scopely.


We know that Scop lie about a lot of things…but about a simple event…


Plz do, at least then we wouldn’t waste our times looking/suggesting stuff when none of it helps


Well guess who’s staying locked up this weekend again 20171020_071632

No levelling for you guys


Welp, no need to play much over the weekend.

I hope Scopely are just trolling VK and putting up fake prizes. They couldn’t be that awful surely?


Prepared for a faction level up and its gonna be solo. Looks like u cant even make a calendar. How do u want us to take this shit serious? Guess its gonna ve a easy weekend, take some rest and wait for the next screw up