Faction Equalization


Last weekend I logged into the war and noticed that the top 3 teams in the region had fought 7 or 8 battles with 7 or 8 or so wins each. The remaining dozen or so factions had fought a couple of wars each with; you guessed it no wins or one win. So, the strong get stronger; the weaker get crushed. Whats the outcome to this over time; Players lose interest. The region/game slowly dies. if we saw this in our football competition we would all scream. So is it time for Scopely to equalize the factions? limit the power at the top and thus force other powerful payers into lesser factions and balance the game up. prizes will get shared around, HOPE springs eternal, the game grows. Bring in the draft!


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The stronger dont get stronger without buying promo toons. With the shit we get for rewards the weak have the same opportunity to grow, they just dont spend money.


We have a few player’s in my region that brings this up. The players in the top factions have worked and spent and put in time to be there. If you want to compete put out like we have because how is fair to force someone into a crap faction that’s put in there time and effort to be in that top faction??


I smell a f2p player who wants a shortcut to victory.


So… equalize human nature? Good luck…


Generally the divide is because of the activity of those factions.

Having recruited many, carried many, the lack of commitment is the number 1 deciding factor and if you are high activity, there is nothing more frustrating than sitting around waiting for others who just dont give a damn.


So your saying force players to be in factions they don’t want to be in, and most likely get stuck with a bunch casual players that will just ride their coattails to a better prize. Yeah, like that won’t cause more players to quit, SMH. Top players are on top for a reason, because they grind very hard and spend many hours a day doing it. I know F2P people in top factions, and they’re there because they are super active and earned a spot.


If they did something like this I’d quit immediately , I work damn hard to get where I am


That’s me, only thing I have is activity as that’s the only thing I can spend that actually gets results


Top level sport has an equalisation strategy to keep the overall game competitive. Otherwise those with the biggest cheque books win every time and its limited to a few teams. Its boring and people stop supporting. I read many threads in here that regions are dead and the idea of merges seems to be the only way forward.
How has that happened? Why do regions die? And by the way, Im not a F2P player. i also ‘Invest’ in my game, not that that should matter. The most powerful payer will always be someone with more than skin in the game, and afterall its an individual game for most of the play.

I think this idea has merit and Scopley can trial it in new regions and see what happens. If its sustainable then I will most humbly take a small commission.


What do you mean by top level sport? I’m not too familiar with what that entails.

In regards to “Those with the biggest cheque books win every time,” that is why some people spend on freemium games. While money spent can sometimes be equivalent to time spent on a game, there are other purchases that are more so about restricted content or just beating other players. Looking at how people spend a lot of money on war refreshes, those players are literally spending just to win every time.


The only way I see this as to being even remotely possible is to incentivize the division of power.

The reason why power players group together is it gives them the best chance to win. Since faction rewards are equal to all members of the group, there is no downside for the best to group together. There needs to be a reason why they would leave to a lower faction.

Playing a bit of devil’s advocate, one way is to incentivize them into splitting up is to not make things equal. Make ranked reward a pool of prizes that gets divided to participating members of the faction proportional to individual contribution.

For example :
Say in war #1 faction gets 1 mil points.
Player 1 scored 600k
Player 2 scored 300k
Player 3 scored 100k

In above scenario, player 1 gets 60% of the ranked prizes while player 2 only gets 30%. Now player 2 has to ask the question, is the ranked prize he gets as the #2 player in the #1 faction better than being the #1 player in the 2nd or 3rd faction? If the answer is no, he has a good reason to move down and make lower factions more competitive since there is something for him as well.

This is still fair since it’s merit based, you get more, the more work you put in.


That wouldn’t work, you don’t pit faction members against each other. One of the main reasons most hate faction assault


Cross Region wars help this - it allows teams to face more interesting battles just because there are more teams fighting. Let the P2P play good P2P teams - a draft will never work due to the time and funding invested by the top players.

How about All region wars?


I agree with the concept but not the message. If the top faction is strong and active even if there is “equalization” then they would remain so.

I do think that a handicap system would get more in wars. If your factions power is say 100 and your facing a team of 60. A debuff would give the lesser team at least hope of fighting. What this debuff would be is hard to say.

There is endless complaints about matchups. Give new players a chance. Nothing sucks more to a team then getting wiped off face of earth non stop.


there is already a form of equalization in the scavenger camps. Also in war, in so far s the whole available faction cant attack another faction. Its limited to 8 (or six).

So, this could also work by limiting and capping a faction to a set number of players over a certain power level. - Then the other players need to go to other factions. This would spread the power out, provides more interesting and balanced match ups. The chances of mismatches lessened too.


That’s true, it creates another layer of internal faction politics since creates competition within the faction.
Still, aside from doing something drastic like this, there really is no reason to move down. The way the rewards are structured, the best strategy is to really dogpile to a super faction. It does kill the competitive level though. Not fun to compete when you have no chance of winning.

The other way to improve the balance (while retaining status quo) is for people in the top faction to split up in order to revitalize the region. Something along the lines of what Da.Gov.of.Pike has mentioned.

Not sure how sustainable it is though. Human nature is bound to take over at some point.


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