Faction disappeared after transfer

I transferred my faction 12 hours ago, me and my faction mates transferred they got message like ur leader transferred faction to bla bla they accept and they came too but my faction is disappeared ??? Where is our faction i moved it but every member of my fac is not have fac now ? Where is our faction ???

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It is with the leader.
So probably a faction of one
He/she need to invite you back again

Hey mate , im the leader there is no fac

did you chose to move with faction or not

Ofc i choose move with faction , my faction mates also get message , thor45 transferred your faction to xxx region so im sure about it

Strange, you need to contact support

@GR.Scopely please help me.

Contact in game support as well

I contacted support as well but they Said to me contact with your factions leader omg i am the leader i transferred and there is no faction right now

Support does not always understand. You have to message continually I find. They only seem to look at few words or phrases


They r answering 10 hours later my faction mates wants faction and i cant do nothing

You are correct. You can’t do nothing. You can continue to go to support until they address it.

@TayTron can you look into this?

Up where is my faction

This would be a good time to quit while your behind


W3 just made another faction while we await scopely figuring it out. I screen shot the message sent because I had a bad feeling

Just make sure all your faction mates transfer into the region so they don’t get left behind.

They already came here but we dont wanna start from bronze again, We r diamond and had 2.5million faction assault tickets so we want our faction back @GR.Scopely pls look

@TayTron @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @ForumAdmin

Same here, the leader transfer the faction 12 hrs ago too and nothing.

we contact suport who responds that way:

We have more then 3 milion stash from Negan and Diamont 3…
What is the point have tha opition to transfer the faction ???
What´s gonna be?

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You can sue them for misleading informations and false advertising.