Faction chat should be the default


Seriously. During war, having to scroll through 6 other chats to get to the one I want is stupid


Having to scroll ever is stupid. I only want Faction Chat. Can it please be default??


This times 1,000,000,000


This 100% I do not care about the solo league chat or the faction league chat.

Faction chat > war log > global chat for when I’m feeling sociable. The rest can go somewhere else.


This shows that the dev’s do not play their own game. No one would have it default to the territories log let alone having to swipe 3 times to get to the faction chat. What a pain in the rear this has been during war.

When we open the chat default to our FACTION chat. Fix this asap please.

@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely The people have spoken. Make it so.


or at least give us the choice to pick which it defaults too or to disable chats you dont want


yes agreed faction chat by default !


Is there even any need for the 2 new chats


Co-signing this


ye, meet new people in new regions.


This. This is what I requested the day territories opened. I remember Dash asking me nicely for an explanation of why I wanted this and it was so simple: because I’m the player and I get to decide what makes the game a good experience for me.


Listen to the community for once…
@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @Agrajag @SandySurvivor @Hedge


So many chats, so much useless chatter taking up my connection speed. I know text does not take much but every little bit matters. I want to be able to close them. I don’t care about anything but faction, war, and maybe global, even though I never read it. Just more channels for toxic children to throw hate and stupidity around.

Let me X out of channels I do not want to even see.


Don’t forget about how crowded the screen is now with icons and “offers”. Too much crap.


Seriously! Scopely really thinks the majority of us want more troll lounges…err chats that we have to flick through to find the only one that matters? At the very least… default to faction chat, or let us choose…even the territory log is a useless nuisance.


To underline this request: there are a lot of different chats ingame.

  • faction chat,
  • global chat,
  • war log
  • cross-region chat
  • event chat
  • solo league chat
  • faction league chat
  • territory log.

Unfortunately, ever since the war log has been added, the chats sometimes were annoying, because when leaving a raid, roadmap, anywhere, you tended to not land in your FACTION CHAT, but in some other chat you usually had to click away to get back to faction chat.

Very bothersome is the fact that during war event, you had to scroll chats to one direction to get to faction chat, but once a war has started, you had to scroll into the opposite direction.

This became more annoying when territory log was added.

Now, there are two more chatlogs, namely solo league chat and faction league chat. What had been annoying now is a p*** in the a**. Players have to scroll again and again, and they can never be sure what direction they have to go. What’s even worse: I think that the recent additions are utterly useless.

I have a simple request: if a player was in faction chat before any ingame action, let him be in faction chat after he returned from that action.


Oh yes please. They could destroy every other channel else but please default to faction chat.


@JB.Scopely another one for the team.


So many randos in faction league chat telling me to apply def to mansion, what I do with my tower team is none of their business


Why do they even have chat for those other things?