Faction Blues Today


Leader wants to disband faction. Can CoLeader take over? :neutral_face:


Yup, they just appoint a coleader the leader, he can step down and retire or stay in the faction.


Of course. Leader can just quit or make himself another ranking.


If leader leaves, a co-lead is automatically appointed as lead


If he is a nice guy he will do what the others have said here. If he’s a jerk he could close the faction and give everyone the boot.

Hope he’s one of the good ones. Either way you could start up your own faction and just invite everyone into it. Hope things work out for you and your friends. Good luck!


That’s not true, I once tried to craft in a cf and forgot to make a Colead the leader, long story short, some little piss ant that was a recruiter got made leader and refused to give up leader right back to me. We had to reboot the whole faction less than an hour before war.


Thanks everyone.


Damn piss ants


Hindsight it was funny watching everyone pile out of the faction so fast for the new one, the bummer was it just hit its one year anniversary. Morale of the story, don’t be like me lol.


What happened to the piss 185825-049-605F7FE1


They got stuck in the old faction alone all war, after that joined a smaller faction. She talked in chat and read messages, soon as she got lead ignored everyone for over a day even though we seen she popped on at least 20 times in the log. Now anytime we war against them we make sure to all team up and destroy her 1st lmao. :smile: