Faction Assult and the screen being frozen!


Anyone have a solution?


Define frozen. If you meant “boss has been defeated and scores are being figured”, the easiest and quickest fix is to leave and reenter your faction. Although supposedly you can message a dev for help, however long that’ll take.


Will you still get the points tho?


Yes you will get to keep everything. Your individual t icket count resets but the faction gets to keep those too. This happened to me last assult. Leave and re join before your faction does their next assult to reset the screen. If you dont tou5 wont be able to participate in that next assult


Yes, that screwed me. I figured it’d fix itself when we started a new one. Negative. Sitting there at kickoff, and can’t score a point. Had to watch us beat a tier 5 in 7 hours and got nothing.


Contact support. They should be able to help you


This is the latest update from contacting support.

Nobody in my faction has any useful response from contacting support about this, @CombatMan.


Hey Mike! Here let me be the best customer support you will ever have.

Just leave your faction and rejoin. Your issue will go away! How do I know? It happened to me! lol.

Keep on surviving


I agree, players get much better solutions from other players here or in Line groups. But that doesn’t solve the issue that these players didn’t get their proper rewards for doing a faction assault they participated in.


If it is the same situation as me then they did get the rewards IF they participated as they just have to check their inventory. When mine screwed up after my 4th attack of the day and I got the bug OP is having I later got a bag for participating in the assault when my faction completed it.

I would just check thoroughly in your inventory and see if it’s there OP or anyone having issues but if you have the bug when your faction DOES start a faction assault and you are there still seeing Negan in his tank then you are SOL my friends, which I am sorry to bring that news but just know that if this happens again the easiest and fastest solution in which you can take control of it yourself is to just leave the faction and rejoin.


They did participate but the scores all got reset to zero when we were finishing Negan and not everyone had an opportunity to get back on the board before Negan was defeated. Those are the people who aren’t going to get prizes. They definitely did not get their proper rank - I should have been near last place but got 18th.


Ohhh I see what issue you are having now. I have yet to get that bug so I cannot give too much into a solution.

Sorry LadyGeek & friends that I couldn’t help out with that.


I’ve got a similar issue. I was able to participate and got my reward (I think), but now the Boss Selection screen doesn’t load I get the ‘Boss Defeated, final results are being calculated’ screen.

I’d rather not leave the Faction and rejoin. 1) I’m the Faction Leader and 2) I’m leading the faction in the number of tickets gained :slight_smile:

I’ve raised a support ticket, but they only suggested leaving the faction.


Anyone else still getting this after the recent update or is it just me?


Have you contacted CS?


CS doesn’t help. They still give out the same response that they gave out a month ago. They are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it. I have the same issue as Murphy above. There has to be a better fix then leaving and rejoining.


Yep, raised another ticket with support.

Got the stock answer like WiTeBoY says.


I got basically the same response as WiTeBoY and Murph from CS. I keep my support ticket alive every time I get the seven days we have not heard back from you response.

This has been well over a month and started before the 9.2 update as it was shown in the release notes as being fixed

But I guess that’s like the player grow 10x size bug that was said to be fixed but is still there.

I was hoping that @kalishane @Shawn.Scopely @CombatMan @CombatDevIl anyway we can get some sorta update on when they hope to have this fixed?


The cause of the bug is fixed, but players in this state will have to wait until they can manually be fixed. As for the character growth bug, there are still known instances of the issue occurring, but to fix it would likely require slowing down combat, which isn’t ideal for a UI fix that doesn’t affect gameplay.


How can I get my account manually fixed? CS in game did not mention anything like this.