Faction Assualt T6 Round 3 anti- neutralize

I can only assume this is a bug and I have seen it happen several times attacking him. When attacking with neutralize character it does not prevent the boss from using his rush all the time. It fails.

It shows his rush is primed. You hit him and still triggers his rush.

Given what his rush is and the difficulty basically makes it almost impossible to beat for me.

Better go down to T5 for now then

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Resistant to neutralise? Look at the info next to him, it will tell you there

Ain’t it a good thing that a single player can’t beat an entire stage just by himself?

If all 30 in a top faction can’t beat him together he are too though. I haven’t tried it myself yet, so don’t know how hard it is.

Minha fac desafiou o negan 6 ontem… É um pouco mais difícil mas não é impossível. Antes derrotavamos em 1 dia. Dessa vez chegamos ao Megan ontem mas ainda n derrotamos. Acredito q ele caia até amanhã. =]

It is still easily beatable in a day but yes it is harder for sure.

Far from impossible, but hard to beat in 1 day, since everyone in my faction attack at the same time.

Very likely resisted the Neutralize effect. Would need a video if it wasn’t the case to attempt a repro.

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