Faction Assualt Failure

Can someone tell me what happens as far as rewards when your faction fails to beat an assualt? More specifically, do you still get your rank rewards, like the duffle bag?

I’d like to do tier 6 this time but I don’t think we have the manpower to beat it. Want to make sure we will still get our rank rewards if we fail to finish.

If you fail, you get nothing apart from the assault marker chests you pick up along the way.


Ouch. That is valuable information, thank you!

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How many attacks did it take you to kill Tier 5 ?
We just beated T6 with a rough 3x amount of attacks compared to T5.
Consider our faction could kill T5 in 12h or so (mainly because we like to have all 30 members attacking), we used 1 day+ to kill Tier 6

If you’re organised and each have at least one strong team of 6*s you should be able to do it. You get 7 attacks per 24 hours for T6 so that’s 210 hits per day if you have 30 members.
It’s definitely more difficult than T5 but you can still do it in one day.

My faction is a mix of strong and newish players. We have about 15 strong and 12 mediocre. We can do T5 as soon as the one day mark resets.

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We managed T6 in about 26 hours with 21 of us. All strong, long term players. Most of us cruised the first three bosses, but Tara had a fast/alert restriction and most of us had used our good fast and alert toons on Connor and David. Once the attacks reset after 24 hours and all our characters were available again, it didn’t take long to finish off the last phases of Negan.

Negan Phase 5 is an absolute bitch. His rush will insta kill the tankiest of six star characters. I ran Barker lead with guardian Zeke and managed to make it through a full 5 minutes without loss, but only because when he rushed he hit shields each time.

Thanks! That is my strategy for T5 Negan last phase. Use guardian Zeke and guardian (green what’s her name) along with some powerhouses.
Guardian is definitely the way to do it.

T6 wasn’t too bad. Definitely harder than T5. As people mentioned, first 3 bosses are a breeze. Tara was a bitch as we had her with fast/alert requirements as well. Negan definitely hits hard - and the stage where he stun on attacks is a PITA. We were still able to finish pretty quickly using 150 attacks on our first T6 assault which is over 3X what it took for T5.

The best part of T6 is the increased rewards, with many members obtaining Tara earrings that they were unable to get before. My sentiment is that any top tier faction (1-3 in region) will have no problem. Lower tier factions with at least 12 strong players should be able to get through with no issues in the allotted time.

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We’re at the T6 Negan stage right now and boy, it’s rough. I honestly don’t know if we’ll make it. Our faction has some great players but we’re 99% percent f2p, so we don’t have the kind of roster depth p2p players will have. Still waiting on night crew to drag their asses into FA so who knows. Could go either way at this point. Wish us luck.


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