Faction assaults still broken

A large number of my faction are saying that their rosters haven’t reset properly and they can’t use their best toons to attack negan. We have contacted support with screenshots of how many toons are locked but will this be fixed Soon?

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Ours works just fine.

So was ours until this one.

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@dirtysneaker is fine so that means your problem doesnt exist. If something doesnt work for 1 person but does work for the other, it isnt real :rofl:


The thing that is broken about it for me is that 1 or 2 people can finish the highest tier available in an hour or less.


It’s like everything else in the game. It needs an overhaul.

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Are you doing a lower tier? I noticed when we did a t2 to finish assault tickets in a faction that was disbanning that toons didnt reset. There were only 2 of us and it was our lower accounts so we actually needed them :joy:

Tier 5. We kind of needed our heavy hitting toons too. I make my faction all have one little go on day 1 so when we all get good enough to kill it by ourselves we have good habits.

Not sure about t5 but it could be same issue. Id make sure everyone in your faction messages support and opens a ticket.

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