Faction Assault was never about teamwork


Because if it was, we wouldn’t have a leaderboard for seperate member scores The only thing this feature does for a faction is cause players to fight each other. I still have yet to see someone get kicked over a separate score. If you want teamwork then Faction Assault isn’t for you, and lets talk about the crap bag rewards. What the heck is that? We fight hard just to get rewards like useless gear? Each tier should have respectable rewards like 6* gear, six star trainers, better chance to get the gear for the Faction Assault character Tara. Only tiers 1-2 should have crap rewards, not 3-5. At this point the name should be Faction Insult because that’s just what it is. Higher tiers deserve better rewards.


They won’t change anything.


No shit Yumiko.


Then why bother making the post.


Im in top faction, and no one care about score. We did t5 by awesome team work. Bags are the same, only diffrent ammount of SD points.


Because it’s important for everyone to see.


if it creates conflict within your faction, then well, the problem is not Assault but the faction itself. Find better mates, man!


Lol I have no issues with my mates. I saw some other complaints on tbe forum about it and chimed in.


You currently have 2 more hits before your camp goes boom


The bags sucked for me but FA, for me, isn’t about the bags but the depot points so you can buy more stuff.

And yeah, the leaderboard is stupid, but my faction made a conscious effort to let the weaker players have top spot so they can get stronger, quicker. Might be something you can try next time.


Our first attempt didn’t take much longer than 1-3 hours with barely a dozen people so an actual challenging assault that make take more than one day might prove to operate differently. But if I’m not missing how this seems to work… it IS a potential snipefest, right?


It is. The first part of each phase is easier than the bosses themselves, so if you wait until the boss is down and attack the human/walker waves, you’ll get a huge score.


This is literally the only faction mode that has different rewards based on score. The highest point score in war doesn’t matter, the most raid trophies doesn’t matter, the highest level up score doesn’t matter and the most SR points don’t matter… so why here?? Because they don’t want to give out a lot of trophies to everyone? It’s so stupid.


Bang on mate, u hit it in one, don’t worry about the trolls on this they are just looking for an excuse to chime in, u hit the nail on the head, its competition and nothing but pitting faction members against each other.


I wasted my first attack against walkers but going through all of Connor and two phases of Negan put me almost 3x above anyone else on the leaderboard when it was over. It was far too easy to come in at the best opportunity and steal the show. I had hoped that it was only because the low difficulty made it easier for one person to do more damage.


I was wondering how a faction mate could score over 550k in four attacks whilst I could only get 140k, and I killed Negan!


Maybe he hit walker stages. Walkers give a lot of damage when you headshot them. And when you beat a wave, you go on to the next wave and start with full time again.


We are coordinating a start time and everybody have at it. I just like the supply points. Nice stuff in the depot.


And that’s the issue. I feel people only play for the depot points, and the high score on the board. It’s all faction mates against each other. Teamwork just isn’t there because someone could just sit back and watch while everyone else does the work after they do some damage. This feature is such a bore feast, and 24 hr wait is too long.


Snipping is still there though. They lied because the person who snips and kills the last person gets all the big points. Scopley is something else.