Faction assault update

Where is the update? Scopely, your promised one for late November, one week left, anything done??


This was the update we received a few days ago

Edit: go to the link and it will be the second of 3 consecutive comments from GR

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It’s with the team.

They definitely never promised late November. It started off late November, early December then as another pointed out, moved to end of year early next year.

Is it really that hard? Copy tier 6 buff the stats add some better prizes to the bags bingo its done.


Well they can’t run a road map évent week to week which has been unchanged for years without making serious errors so, to answer your question, yes, for scopely it is apparently that difficult.


It’ll be ready to go next time there’s an issue that needs to be swept under the rug

So could be out any day now :smiley:


No it was definitely end of November :hugs:

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From the promise letter


Noted 7 char

november 2020?

they are running the scopely calendar, which is usually a month late, has christmas in feb, valentines day in april and st oats day in july

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Looks very much like a broken promise to me, personally my word is my bond☹️

i am beginning to think ‘the team’ is the name they gave to their garbage can.




@VaultBreaker I gave an update on this some days ago:

The team is currently working on this particular event (FA) and you should be able to see it back by the end of the year or early next year.


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Vaultbreaker has since nuked their roster and quit the game unfortunately, along with others.



Thank you for the update on your update.

Can you give an update on the reuse of plushies that you promised as well? :slightly_frowning_face:

The famed early next year.
Also know as summertime to most everybody.
I like early next year as much as I like take it to the team or pancakes!!!

my team said there will be faction assault event on december 2020

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Your team must have someone working inside VK because dec 2020 is probably when it will happen.
I only hope it’s not as so called exciting as the letters event was.
Letters was far from exciting as we all know.