Faction assault update, what gives?

I thought the update was supposed to come by November now that’s it’s past that, any word on when or even if FA will be updated?

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Makes them no money so they take their time

Asked and aswered yesterday:


It has been delayed because they are actually doing some testing, eliminating bugs and ensuring a seamless and enjoyable player experience.

Joke, they are probably working out how to milk that cash cow even further…


Lol, Christmas event should be early 2020.

Good job they chose gaming rather than a courier service. Your next day delivery should be with you by the end of next week.

It was a Christmas-themed event last year; that does not mean it will be one again. We had an FA event in late spring I think, and it was not Christmas-themed.

I’d love to see one as early as possible, but the whole mode is broken on many levels and needs a redesign.


Scopely forgets about stuff.

(This is why we have unrelease chars. Frost and Marlon and rosie s class

Broken Promise

@Yoitsshawnn Yes @DrJank Gave the correct info on the topic.

There are rumors on the forums that Frost and Marlon & Rosie are the next “free” S classes that will reuse the gold bricks. The devs have confirmed that the bricks will be reused for upcoming characters and those are the only ones leaked which haven’t been used yet.


Rn since Im going for s classes. Im getting the ranged out the way (Pete, raulito priya)
Than melee (Aarav, Henguyen, Maybe laopo)
So I’ll probably wait til I hear which was good. Cause I dont want this ending up into another gang like FROST GANG or MARLON GANG.

Dated 26th July 2019 :joy:

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