Faction Assault Tier 7


Any plans on releasing this anytime soon? @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely
Most ‘middling’ factions can smash tier 6 in under 2/3 turns each on day 1.
Would be nice to have a new tier (or 2) creating a challenge, perhaps offering a little more reward too.


I wouldn’t mind a tier 7. However I would rather like to see another FA event with gear/tokens as bonus rewards.


How about an FA event to celebrate the launch of T7?

It’s well overdue, not sure why Scopley scrapped it. Need those bags with gauranteed items towards Tara or the new character that was previewed with T7 (which I can’t remember)


Maybe make a tier 7 and a tier 8 7 being the usual stages as tier 8 has two added extra stages maybe with survival road kind of line ups as with two buffed bosses and 3 other characters with 5 stages is that one part


Tier 7? Really? Did everyone already forgot about the planned Governour Assault? This is way
more intresting :roll_eyes:


I can’t forget what I didn’t know about…
Was this from scopely?
Or just fan hopes?


I thought that was Tier 7?

Maybe i’m confusing it, given it was leaked so long ago and never saw the light of day


Don’t need another tier. Need another event or an upgrade of reward. Why is ultra gear in there? Throw out some mods or league tokens for gear.


Sr daily and sm need change they add Dr. Steve 5* from more than year. it’s most useless party of game now


Pretty sure it was like the Negan one, where it was tiered 1-5 or 1-6 not 7-whatever.


I’m certain they intended to make the Governor ones. They had special items for another event that said something about the Governor faction assault having these items in their description.


Governor assault or a whisperers assault would be nice


Yeah. There already were 2 Museum Pics with a Text about an Epic Bruce Allan Cooper and
a Legendary Lilly. That was it


It was offical leaked by Accident during a messed up Museum Summer Event.


They need to be updated now we have endless revive combo teams. Along with the rest of the game. I’d rather they updated the existing game than brought out more releases which are all horribly broken/bugged.

And given how quickly we get through them, they need to overhaul either the ticket cost or how many tickets it costs to do the event.

I’d also to do some kind of faction assault type thing all the way through. I think they could do another version of it where everyone in the faction races against each other or something. Not the weird “work as a team but award different prizes depending on how well you did compared to everyone else) prize structure they have (and the same goes for war).

And also add a count of how many attacks everyone has had so people stick to one go (so we all get some prizes).


Yes please!! FA became so boring. Need to restrain people not to overhit so everyone can score points and get prizes… No fun in that


It exists
It had good fkn rewards
It never coming like the gov fac assault either
Yep more like r. I. P t7
Id show you images but

Where the proof lies I got banned from for unknown reasons

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