Faction Assault Tier 6

@kalishane any ETA on when the Tier 6 will be available in the new 11.0 release?


Early 2018.

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I just downloaded the 11.0.2 update… it says it is in there but when I load the game… guess what is missing. Faction Assault tier 6. The version notes say “now players can participate in tier 6 of Faction Assault”… bang up job Scopely. Do developers get fired for releasing an update that is missing the core element of that update. I know in my software company this lack of quality control would lead to people getting canned.

But hey maybe the Apple users have FA tier 6 and it is just Android discrimination?

Regardless… this is unacceptable.

Apple dont have it either. The update just said Faction Assault Tier 6.

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@kalishane any update on this?

I’m pretty sure the update is still voluntary. Once it’s forced and everyone is on the same version I suspect it will be added. It would suck if your started a t6 run and some members who hadn’t updated were unable to participate

Pleeeease take out the bags! Make them normal and make points the same across the board before you all release it!!. @kalishane

Although I agree, If that happens the whales are going to storm in and demand they get something better since they can score higher than the rest of their faction counterparts.

Had a faction mate posting some ss with the classic message to force players to update. So all players are forced to go to 11.0

We are currently aiming for Monday. Wanted to avoid causing any potential issues with War while introducing new content!


I have apple and I updated to the latest version and I still don’t see FA 6

Thanks for the answer. Really appreciated.

Ur welcome

Any idea how many tickets it will cost to unlock a t6? Not sure if anyone knows yet

Assuming it will be around 300k

my coins on 260k

No tier 6, no nightmare mode…scoopely love to feed the promises of their players

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