Faction assault, tier 6 max scores


Does anyone have a chart or graph of how many points are possible if you clear a whole stage in 1 life? Specifically in tier 6. Thanks


Someone being a fac assault points hog? Limit it to 1 attack per 24 hours, everyone has a time to attack like a schedule, have them screenshot after the attack is done, should have 6 attacks left, screenshot the points they got from 1 attack, they do it again, boot emm

Idk the points exactly but ive got over a mil easy clearing 1 stage

@LadyGeek do you have any charts/info for this?


It’s variable as it’s based on damage dealt and that could include minions being revived over and over. If you don’t believe someone have them post a screenshot of their remaining attacks. Against Negan I have seen people put up ungodly single attack scores bc they cleared multiple rounds.


I have seen 4 mil plus on one hit vs negan.


Earlier stages have smaller multipliers so each stage completion should be a bit more than the last. I believe bosses b4 negan are no higher than 2 mil.


I have hit 5.2 million before but one of my faction mates recently hit 7 so I am unsure

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