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Just a question in regards to faction assault in regards to the tickets , let’s say you collected a fair amount of tickets and your faction starts an assault outside of your time zone , and because your sleeping you can’t participate , in this case your not eligible for the rewards although you’ve been collecting tickets like crazy they are all used up in the assault your back on zero again but no rewards right ? Just wanted to get some clarification on this , yes I guess you have to plan properly with your faction when to start I guess still it’s strange , thanks for the feedback



Exactly… Its the same with war… People always like a free ride. Instead of rewarding those who grind, the game rewards those who put little or no work



its not hard to add system that lets you put a 0 on the list and set a raid time to kill the boss



Would be nice to get a reward also based on the amount of tickets you have put in towards the assault maybe a suggestion @kalishane



the boss might die in less than the 8 hours you sleep, and do we now have to change our sleep pattern for when a boss is raided ?!?!? thats redicolous



Number of atks is limited every 24 hours. You can only use a toon once, … I don’t think you ll be able to do all the support stages and then kill all the boss stages as well in a timeframe of only 8 hours. You really need the whole faction for that. I wouldn’t panic yet.

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Problem is we started with S1 killed that bugger off too soon to enter …



Depends on which tier you chose… We killed boss in about minutes :rofl:

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Too low a tier… Then I can relate to the complaint.

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