Faction assault Tickets needs a change

We need a change for the Tickets to Start an aussault Tier 4 or 5. The feature is Great but its boring to play it one Time in 3 weeks…

Can we get higher values of these Tickets by Farming the worldmap or Raids etc… or just lower the starting Price.

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We have done it 3-4 times. Can’t remember exactly. It would be nice to lower it though.

Not everything in the game needs changed.

Stop complaining.

Raid and farm more- get your faction mates to do the same.

Earn the tickets.

It shouldn’t be easy- do you want everyone to have all the prizes so no one is unique?

I can barely max tickets daily, unless sr tourney. IT WOULD be great to give more or reduce cost

At 1350 a day (max u can farm) becomes a chore. I just lost two great faction mates because they feel the game is becoming a chore

You saw the Thread about Tara? How long it does take to get her?